What you need to know to avoid falling victim to criminals. Guide to self-defense.

Every day in the world, tens of thousands of crimes committed, and none of us is immune from them. Everyone is a potential victim of criminals, so you need to know a few simple rules that will help you save yourself and your children from violence. Study them carefully, because you need to know about it all!

What can make you a potential victim?
If you will constantly staring at your phone, you can not see or hear in advance the danger. It makes you a target for criminals.

What other mistakes you make?
Just close your doors and car. Beforehand, remove the key, not to look for them in your purse right in front of the door.

What to do if you suspect that you watch for?
Do not go home. Instead, go to a crowded place such as a restaurant, and call the police. Also, you can report it to the manager, that someone was aware of the whole situation, in case the person who is watching you, will appear in this restaurant.

What to do if you kids?
Become between the child and the perpetrator. If your children are old enough, tell them that in these situations became behind you and grab for your back pockets. So you can be with them in constant contact, but your hands will be free to strike.

How to teach children not to be afraid in such situations?
The next time you're walking in crowded areas, play with your child to the game, where you have to define "safe" people. Let the child learns to distinguish between guards and police officers and runs them in the event of emergencies.

How to escape, if you are in an elevator?
Stay close to the keys, and if you are attacked, you press all the buttons in a row, so the elevator stops at the nearest floor. But in any case, do not stop the elevator. If the offender blocked your path, hit him in the groin and run.

What strikes can be used?
The blow to the groin - a good way to neutralize the criminal. Also, you can hit him with the back of his hand to the nose or throat. It is the most vulnerable places, the impact of which will give you a little time to escape.

Can cost fall to the ground?
It should not be done in any case, because you will not be able to defend themselves.

How is call for help?
Yell «Fire! Rapist! Fire! The criminal! » Em> Everything that can give people a sign that you're in danger. It works much better than a simple shout or whistle.

Should I keep the key between his fingers as a weapon?
No. During the strike it slip between his fingers and this "weapon" will not be effective.

What if the criminal has a gun?
If you are threatened with weapons, demanding at this point wallet, throw it somewhere away from the criminal, so you will have time to escape.

These tips you need to know everyone. But our editorial staff hopes that you will never have to use them in practice! Tell your friends about them, take care of their safety!

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