An ingenious solution to save space: sliding shelves with their own hands.

Save space and optimize the use of space - the eternal problem of all apartment owners. Always lacks quite a bit of room to add up all sorts of stuff that should be on hand. For storage we buy bulky cabinets and lockers, which eventually occupy a lot of space. But if you thought that you can not buy large pieces of furniture, but do yourself a small pull-out cabinet, which can be hidden between a wall and furniture, walls and appliances, or in another place where the usual furniture does not fit? If not, the .cc has prepared for you step by step instructions for producing such a locker.

You'll need:

the board (the number depends on how many shelves you want to do); rail; wheels; Pen wood stove; screws; plugs; glue.

first determine the width of the shelves.

Now you can start with the production of the cabinet. All you need to glue the joints first, and only then connect the screws.

These boards are the future racks.

Now you can stick side boards.

And fix them with screws.

You can top it with something heavy for a better gluing boards to the back wall.

Frame with shelves ready.

Now you need to attach the rails that will not allow every detail to fall off the shelves in your cabinet, attach the handle and wheels.

Measure the width of the resulting design to find out how much you need to move the furniture.

Now otodvinu appliances and a refrigerator for the required distance.

Install the cabinet in place.


It looks pretty good!

Very functional thing.

It will be your salvation.

This bookcase is perfect for the kitchen to keep it a variety of sauces and spices, as well as for the bathroom, to store it in various household chemicals. Take advantage of this advice and you'll forget about the lack of space!

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