These copper tubes put a man on the box. Seeing the result, I wanted to do the same!

My father was very fond of home plants them in our house was always full. A huge dracaena, cactus, which is older than me, ficus, euphorbias are many different sizes and even a small chili in a pot ...

If he found out about this exciting idea, I would immediately fashioned something like that! This bookcase is a way for anyone who brings up the home garden with love.

Shelves for tsvetovTebe need
  • 9 identical pots flowerpots
  • cutter
  • adhesive metal
  • copper pipes
  • 36 copper tees (suitable for pipe diameter)
  • 8 copper dvuhrastrubnyh elbows 90 ° (suitable for pipe diameter) li >
  • 8 copper pipe clamps
  • 16 screws

    1. Measure the diameter of the pots that will decorate a bookcase. Divide the copper pipe into 4 parts in accordance with the outer diameter of the pot.

      Connecting parts of pipe into a rectangle using the copper tees and special glue.

      All clear! Stand ready for the pot.

      Unite copper rectangles together.

      We get here are the stairs! At the end of each place the ladder tees, turning them up.

      Unite stairs together - shelves for flowers made with their own hands , is almost ready! Distance between the ladder should be 30-40 cm.

      Decisive moment! Bookcase ideal for the size of the window. It remains only to install a stand for flowers using copper pipe clamps.

      This stand of vegetation was the object of my dreams. Convenient, compact, and some inspiring views!

      Another option remarkable shelf-stand, which perfectly fit even in a very small area. Excess water from the pots will drain into the bottle!

      The process of working on a marvelous stand for the colors you can see by opening the video. For such an impressive result should try! Due to the fact that the pipes are joined with glue, the work is facilitated at times ...

      I like the people caring for plants. A part of nature in the home creates an atmosphere of peace, home garden so pleasing to the eye! Show your friends the idea of ​​decorating the windows plants, it would be great if they will appreciate it, too.


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