A little on the tubes

As the topic of cigarettes, from the outset I want to say -
Smoking is bad for your health. Cigarettes, pipes, cigars, hookah - does not matter. Tobacco - Health adds, everything is good in moderation.

This article written at the request of friend and trubokura solely as an overview thinking.

Or not to smoke - everyone chooses.

What could be more common in mednokozhego son prairie vyryvshego hatchet and wandering on the trail of the whites, salted seawater iskhlestannogo all the winds of the Caribbean English privateer, inhumanly, attentive and damn-analyticity detective who lives on Baker Street, and the talented Russian actor Govorukhin? Correctly. They have in common the tube, or rather a habit of using tobacco was through this ancient, but today a popular instrument.

X m ... instrument. Somehow, even strange to call the phone device, a device for smoking. The same tube! Here now, my line reads modern trubokur, fiddles with his beloved briar pipe, but no, no, and look at her, fell in love with as Lambent light on the pattern of «straight grain».
What briar? Excuse me, I'll explain a little later.

The tube Europeans discovered for themselves at the same time, and when, in fact, tobacco. They met the Indians of South America "drinking smoke" from the bundles of tobacco leaves, but the Indians are a little higher, but posevernee preferred to drink because of the smoke tubes. The tubes were made of everything from what could be done. The wood of fruit trees, bamboo, stone and clay.
Until now, one of the North American Indian tribes have the exclusive right to mine "katlinita" - pipe reddish stone. It is quite soft, easy to work, the Indians from ancient times it made pipes. The tube is used to solve the diplomatic issues, puffing, passing around, it secured the agreements, including understanding of the world. Yet heard about the peace pipe, she "calumet" (Kalume)?

The Indians believed that inhaling the smoke and releasing it, they received communication of his soul to the world of the gods. Actually, and tobacco - it was a gift from the gods.
One good spirit went to bed and fell asleep near the fire so hard that he heard he was approached by an evil spirit. The evil spirit took advantage of it and dragged him to the fire. When a good spirit burned hair, he woke up and could not understand awake and in pain, ran headlong. Where it fell burning hair - grew tobacco.
What is remarkable, sometimes these two aspects of life - war and peace, the Indians were combined in a single device - the tomahawk with pommel, made in the form of a tube. Chop, smoked, chopped again. Conveniently zhezh ...

Europeans quite quickly picked up the ability to inhale the smoke through a tube. Not to communicate with the gods, and so ... for nicotine and for the soul. English, Dutch sailors returning to their homeland already being puffed his first clay and stone pipes, with interest looking at the Spaniards, effectively smoking their first sigarami- "Sevilla».

Clay was available and out of the tube it was convenient to do. Yes, it is rapidly heated (but not faster than the later logged into fashion china), but it was fragile, but ... tubes can be done and a lot cheaper. The inn lodger might well offer a "duty" pipe made of clay. This handset has a long cigarette holder (shank and the mouthpiece is a whole) and a small bowl. The cup was small, because the tobacco was little and it was very expensive and a long cigarette holder - if you want to maintain some kind of hygiene, it could be just ... broken off. Or ignited the fire.

But all is not the first, but the first most influential trubokur in Russia Peter 1, is likely to smoke the German porcelain pipes. His addiction to smoking Swiss Lefort, whom young Peter 1 went to study in Europe. And after, progressive and energetic emperor, introduced smoking (first and necessarily through the tube) and the whole of Russia. We smoke, of course, earlier. But for persecuted and punished. And Peter 1 authorized and signed for 1 Battle corral and a certain amount of gold, the British monopoly on the sale of tobacco (specifying, however, that the Cossacks as a grown shag for themselves, and will do it)

Wood fruit, clay, stone and bone, pumpkin, porcelain and eventually - the material for the tubes has been varied. But it was not that. And not. Wood burns, heated porcelain, clay, broke and cracked. To some extent, the world has been delighted with the opening of trubokurov mershauma. She also "sea foam" - sepiolite, compressed time ancient crustacean shells. Most of it was in Turkey. The material being moist, easy to cut, it could give any shape and cut it designs and ornaments. Vysohnuv, he perfectly mastered the fire. It does not burn out, unlike pipes made of wood. I do not burn out, fantastically nice stained resins burning tobacco (originally it pristine white), heat, burned hands. But for meerschaum pipe of the case and needed careful handling - it hurt a fragile and delicate. Today, Turkey is almost monopolized the mining and production of meerschaum pipes - they do not take out blocks of sepiolite only finished products.

So it was fated to be tormented trubokuram with wooden pipes. Had again by chance, it was not revealed the existence of briar. Briard - heather. Rather, kornekap heather place between the trunk and the roots of a tree, in which it draws up water and nutrients. One person in France in the second half of the 19th century made from accidentally fell into his dry wood, not godivsheysya on furniture production, the handset. And after a while noticed that she was not ... burns. Thus it was discovered the ideal material for the manufacture of pipes. Not that Heather is not lit at all. Lights. But slowly. On the very difficult burns. This is due to the fact that the right heather grows on stony wasteland, literally clinging to life. And so. In the struggle for life, it is gaining in kornekap a lot of silicon, giving it a resistance to fire. Actually, this ingenious Americans burned, decided during the Second World War, taking advantage of the French occupation (one of the main suppliers of briar) to start production of its own material for heather tubes. But there it was. Erica Arborea, who grew up in the black earth, burn easily.

The tubes are not only different materials and material combinations (eg briar pipe with the insertion of meerschaum tobacco chamber). They come in different shapes and. EPL, brandy, rodezian, calabash, poker, billiards, bent billiard - an entire galaxy of beautiful, okay devices for smoking. Bent - with a curved mouthpiece, it is convenient to smoke, doing any own business, leaving it hanging in the mouth. The cup can be smooth (when the pattern on the material is beautiful and without defects), sandblast -treated peskoystruykoy (when there is a defect), rustirovannoy coated thread (when the surface defects it is very noticeable or image is not outstanding). Oh ... I feel I have not here a one-page story.

Yes, the tube had its ups and downs. The invention of cigarettes considerably thinned the ranks of fans of the tube. Well, it's for the best. Stay worthy. The handset is known for today. He is known and loved. It is not uncommon, and it is a huge plus to her that people are interested in this smoke, buying the first two tubes, tamper and the first pouch of tobacco, soon to think forget about cigarettes, disgust wondering - "How I could smoke this stuff before?"

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By the way, about the Americans. There is a story, as a Dutchman by the name of one Tibby neighbors burnt the house. What burned was not specified, but, comrade decided to go away from sin. I moved to America and lived there himself, furniture making. Once I made themselves and their neighbors through a tube of dried corn cob. For fun. A tube and have liked. At what point that Tibby shut furniture production and switched completely to manufacture corn tubes. And companyAbout called "Miisuri meershaum" (Missouri foam).
Tubes delicious, cheap, but quickly burn out. And today they have fans among trubokurov.



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