Hazardous fun childhood.

Oh, there was a time when in the pocket of my sweat pants company «adibao» droops from a pack of black and white photographs of Rambo, Bruce Lee, Arnie, and other Hollywood supermen, the cheek dilapidated and not tasty "turbo", the sun at its zenith, and I'm confident step going take the bottle in order to get funds for a new camera for the rear wheel of my battered "Kama". Spring came, [next] rastaevshee shit is about to be washed away from the streets of the first rain came unforgettable time of childhood - it's time "not children's' entertainment.
In the early '90s pioneers and oktyabryata gone down in history at a difficult time for many parents it was not particularly interesting to what their offspring, young people and teenagers were absolutely free to choose leisure, but as you know the choice was virtually out of nothing. This post is not about child alcoholism and drug addiction. This post is about the children (like now can not be found) entertainment of the time when all of life was yet to come.

And so there you go. Many letters + a pair of photons

Drunken, and fugaski bomachki.

Our city is surrounded on 3 sides by different plants, among them Chrompick - Klondike variety of chemicals, but the most valuable booty after hiking in the area was nitrate, and on the way back, do not forget to look at the dairy, there is a necessary component for the shell demolition bombs - Food foil (used to make the lid on the milk and kefir bottles).
First, in one of the secluded cellars of the neighboring house "Print" drunken, in normal water diluted nitrate, take the paper impregnated to give a solution, and laid out to dry in the hot water pipe. In the impregnation process took about half a day and several father's books (newspapers and other waste paper, too, was in progress).

First, in one of the secluded cellars of the neighboring house "Print" drunken, in normal water diluted nitrate, take the paper impregnated to give a solution, and laid out to dry in the hot water pipe. In the impregnation process took about half a day and several father's books (newspapers and other waste paper, too, was in progress).
Drunken ready sheet of paper in contact with the slightest spark instantly burned to the ground releasing huge amounts of energy and smoke. If in the process of combustion emits white balls, then this drunken considered especially powerful, with a filling any fugaska fly above 16etazhki.
Drunken used mainly for demolition bombs, drunken sheet tightly braided into a small cylinder, then at least tightly wrapped in plastic foil in the back of the fugaski nail hole was drilled and inserts wick from the same drunken. Firmly and gently twisted fugaska could fly up to a height of 16-storey building, but the flight path has always been unpredictable, many times resulting in scorched jacket, trousers and small burns.

Another of drunken made bombachki, took the glass butylki (mainly medicines, the thicker the glass, the better), packed tightly drunken, after igniting wick butylek discarded at a distance, it starts to smoke, and at the end of a small explosion occurred. But it also happens that the wick is quenched, butylek did not explode, test cautiously creeps to "mine" and investigate the cause, and produced an explosion eliminated.
I had a friend (neighbor), he published nearly a thousand sheets of drunken and put them to his bosom in Chinese leather jacket, and he with bombs is surrounded koreshochkov, lights the fuse and throws it away, and butylek took and did not explode , the boy walked over, picked up the bomb and began to blow extinguished the wick, and just one little spark flew off and hit him right in his bosom, eyewitnesses say that the guy broke out like a torch, and h-h few seconds stood in the remains of a Chinese imitation leather. After 3 days, the poor man died in the regional burn center ... Killer Bee.

I do not know how to properly called that stuff, but all the boys called him kirabitom. This gray pebbles, reminiscent ot hardened cement, to get it to be the same on Chrompick. In contact with water began to boil, and Killer Bee as I understand it produces flammable gas. Used mainly as follows: Take a small piece, throws in a tin can of beer, add a little water (mostly it was the usual spitting), thoroughly shaken, the hole in the pot is brought burning match and broads !!! Steeper any firecrackers. Small pieces enough for a hundred shots, but banks often are not kept and 20 microexplosions.


Yes, yes, ordinary match, but rather a part of the upper flammable. The most common use of firecrackers were matches from anchors. Take the normal construction dowel, drive a stone in the asphalt, the resulting hole was filled in a few match heads and caulk all the same anchor, and then on top heraks stone, the sound is not worse than the Chinese firecrackers. From entertainment like no one was seriously hurt except asphalt playground in the yard.
Did firecrackers from bicycle spokes (I will not describe in detail, since many modifications) of the bolts vykruchennyh of school desks from clothespins and just loved to play around with matches, and as we all know & quot; Matches are not toys for children, buy lighters & quot ;.


What teenager does not like to burn a small fire in a vacant lot behind the house? There are no such. That did not end our hearth quenching of pioneer, sure someone will throw into the fire something explosive, in the course went all medical ampoules, cartridges mounting, roofing slate, sprays with dichlorvos, the list can go on and on. Once in the course of the oxygen Balon went well. it was out of town on the site of the future svezherazmechennoy cottage village, there was an unfinished abandoned house (4 wall). By the time of the explosion, we were 2 km (moped Carpathians, it's not you mokik Chinese). Returning to stare at a wall of the deed, we were missing. Tubes.

In my childhood there was no airsoft and paintball, in my childhood were the tube. Conventional metal tube about one meter long and with a diameter of about 10mm. Fortunately next door was a factory producing pipes, and there was this stuff in bulk, of any length and size. However, it was dangerous to go camping for a new weapon, the plant is well protected, but that did not stop us. There was one case where one of my friends got on the plant protection, but then it was a humane punishment, forced to wash the floors in the entrance))
We continue on the tubes, used as ammunition rowan berries, hawthorn and immature. Gaining a mouthful of berries and begin intensive trainings lungs. The stronger and sharper dunesh, the more painful and fly away. With neighboring yard staged shootout 6x6 arriving ogogo was even the possibility of losing the eye. But that never stopped, excitement and adrenaline, the territory of the old school firmly seated berry bushes, a real war.
Some improved their arms, fasten the end of the tube-type clothespin fly, wrapped with electrical tape, fasten the handle and even the old toy guns to make it easier to hold. Tubes longer get involved when the school garden razed to the ground under the landfill driving school.

Crossbows, spichkastrely.

Start with simple crossbows, or rather spichkastrelov. Modifications were many who then made them on the basis of spring, someone from preschepki, who from my mother's underpants pulled gum. They do mostly at a time when the snow melts, and shows all around last year's dry grass. And what to do with the grass (you ask the then teenager)? Of course burn! Spichkastrely was just for such functions. You go here home from school, like where did not bend down, do not squat that does not incinerate, you go in peace as if nothing had happened, and behind the lawn and the lawn crawl black burnt circles ... One minus Spichkostrelov, they often misfire ( match will not strike), but it depended on the freshness and quality chirkasha matches.

Samopaly, Pugachev, ignition.

Samopaly, Pugachev and burning - it's the tin. Seriously svayany samopal compared with a firearm, because this could even kill. Basically it is a simple design, a thick-walled tube is tightly sealed off at one end, a hole was drilled to ignite the charge, all attached to the handle of a homemade, we get the type of gun musket. The dangerous thing, not only for the target, but also for the shooter, the muzzle could just simply break. How many poor birds, cats and dogs have been injured and killed young sadists history is silent, I am personally engaged in such stupidity does not.

There was also plenty of entertainment such as slingshots, bombs from the tape, etc. I'm told that what was personally involved. Tell you.

Thank you for attention.



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