10 interesting facts about the marine life

Everyone knows that about 70% of the Earth's surface is covered by water. Ultimately, about 1, 3 billion cubic kilometers of water on the planet in the seas, rivers and oceans are still still poorly understood in the world, as well as the creatures that live in them.

10. The giant squid brains digest food

Colossal squid (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni) until recently considered fiction and in real life so far seen only a few. In 2007, still found the largest instance. His team caught fishermen from New Zealand in the Ross Sea near Antarctica. He was huge - as much as 10 meters long and weighing nearly 450 pounds. Squid was towed to New Zealand to study, and it was found something incredible: his digestive system runs right through the center of the brain.

9. Fish armor against piranhas

Piranhas, horror Amazon teeth razor, have very few natural enemies and nearly a list of potential prey. While piranha single can be a good dish for a dolphin or cormorant, their tendency to live in flocks of hundreds keeps most predators at bay. Piranhas are limitless lifestyle. As a result, other Amazonian fish had to adapt to their neighbors, and even the largest fish in the Amazon - Arapaima gigas, or giant Arapaima- needs a second layer of protection.

8 Invisible struggle

The most numerous forms of life in the ocean, which you will never see a family of bacteria known as SAR11. They live in all oceans of the world from the Arctic to the tropics, and they are incredibly effective in its work on the transformation of dissolved carbon into CO2. The most common predators of bacteria in the ocean at a microscopic viruses are closely related group pelagiphages. And they are a constant war with the bacteria SAR11.

7. 100,000 taste buds som

In humans, the number of taste buds varies from 2000 to 8000. They focused on a small piece of flesh, which move in the mouth. And about 100,000 soms taste receptors distributed throughout the body. In a sense, it's just a big COM floating tongue. Each taste bud is about 50 nanometers (50 billionths of a meter) in width, and greater than fish, so it has more taste receptor. Large fish may have more than 175,000 taste buds scattered throughout the body.

6. Dolphins can see through animal


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