These 13 products - the cause of your insomnia. In no case do not eat them before going to bed!

Probably every adult has ever faced with an unpleasant sensation when there is a bed and a pillow and sleep vsë not. You lay down on his right side, then to the left, roll over onto his stomach, rolled into a ball ... "Oh, you should not load up at night," - you think. "No, you just need to abstain from certain foods!" - Explained us. Then sleep will come quickly, and there is no heaviness in the stomach after waking. To your sweet dream does not turn into a nightmare, read our article. Restful sleep without sleeping pills - it is a reality!

13 products that are better Do not eat for the night:

dark chocolate (strengthens the heart, causes insomnia); meat (protein slows digestion, and instead of sleeping, body works to digest food); celery (natural diuretic); wine (quickly processed and makes waking up a few times per night); coffee (there is a possibility does not sleep); energy drinks (due to the high caffeine content , equal to two or three cups of coffee); soft drinks (caffeine and sodium benzoate - not a good combination for a full sleep); drug (painkillers, diet pills, diuretics, and cold remedies may have caffeine in it is more than a cup of coffee, so carefully read the instructions); tomatoes ( amino acid, thiamine stimulates the activity of the brain and disrupts the quiet sleep); Eggplant (also contain an impressive amount of thiamine); black beans (the worst thing you can eat before going to bed - beans causes painful flatulence and prevents sleep); hot sauce (causes heartburn); broccoli (provides slowly digestible fiber, which the body will be a long process, instead of sleeping).

For many people, insomnia - the enemy № 1. Because of poor sleep is not just wake up the next morning in a bad mood, but also become irritable, touchy, impatient. In general, a bad night's sleep spoils the whole next day. Try to eliminate the above-mentioned products from your evening diet and tell about his achievement friends. Now, no insomnia you are not afraid!

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