The threat, which they know not all. Information that could save your life!

How can you be so irresponsible and go into the water while intoxicated? However, the cause of drowning off the coast can be quite different. rip current - real danger! Those who do not know how to behave, once in such a flow, risk of drowning. Read this important information and save a life for themselves and their loved ones. Remember that the most important thing - to stay calm! Panic may be too expensive ...

rip current, or rip occurs most often about flat, low-lying coasts in shallow seas (the Gulf of Mexico, the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov). During low tide, the water can not go back to the open sea, sandy spit them back. Due to the water pressure on the narrow strait there are rapids, flow, where the water rushes with great speed (up to 2, 5-3, 0 m / s). Such a rapid river in the midst of the sea can easily carry out even the most experienced swimmer!

The flow of the sea is perpendicular to the coast.

The waves rolled ashore, bringing with them more and more water, which then rushes back into the ocean. Corridor with reflow and really looks like a river, and can appear anywhere on the coast.

People trapped within are a powerful stream of boiling water. How many lives claimed this phenomenon!

Corridor rip narrow: usually it is 2-3 meters, the flow velocity with the 4-5 km / h. Of course, the size of a rip current is not dangerous. But there are terrible streams of water up to 50 m up to 200 m! The speed of movement of water in the wide corridors of up to 15 km / h. This is a rare case, but it is also possible.

How to identify rip current:

1. This stream is perpendicular to the shore. The water in it boils and foams. Em>

2. The color of the water in the stream is different from the color of the rest of the waters near the shore. It can be white, while the surrounding waters blue or blue. Em>

3. Foam, bubbles and algae, which move in the direction of the sea - a sure sign of the rip. Em>

4. You may notice a gap in the middle of waves up to 5 meters. Em>

If you notice these visible signs of rip current - lucky you! Just do not go to swim in this place. Unfortunately, as much as 80% rips difficult to see, they did not manifest itself visually!

To save his life, hitting a rip current near the shore, remember these rules:

1. If you can not swim, never swim near the shore alone. Seeing red flags and signs warning of the danger, do not go in the water!

2. Do not panic! stay calm. Strong fear can be controlled by stopping the panic disorder. Breathe deeply and take care of mental clarity.

3. The most important point: saving power! Swim to the shore is not, and along the coast. Rip end and you quickly get out of it, of course, if it is not too wide.

4. Even if you rip a broad and ends, still swim in the direction! Strong current does not last very long, and this is good news. Within 5 minutes, it will weaken, and you can easily get out of the water after swimming about 100 meters along the coast. Do not come back to the place where you start to suck in the funnel. Get out of the water away from this place, because there is a risk of falling into a boiling over again.

Bear in mind the following points:

1. Rip can not drag you to the bottom, all the rip current dragged a man along the shore at the water surface.

2. Line-up - a place where the waves reach their peak and begin to break. Surfers often hang out in this place and try to ride the wave coming. This is usually not more than 100 meters from the shore. Always swim along the coast, hitting a rip current!

After telling about this article to a friend, you can save more than one life. Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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