Musical instruments in the interior. Never seen anything like it!

Many of us have played in childhood or adolescence musical instruments. However, as time passed, forgotten skills, the game is no time or desire, lonely tools gathering dust on the shelves. And throw a pity, and nowhere to go. Well, not necessarily always store them in a dark corner or a throw - try to turn the tools into a stylish and original interior decoration! Warmth and pleasant memories do not place on the mezzanine!

1. The usual seven-string guitar can be transformed into creative flower pot!

2. From an old electric guitar can make a table lamp or a shelf.

3. Good covers too will go to the cause: you can store them as suitcases, things, and you can build a decorative shelf!

4. Most fortunate former drummer - from shock can be done almost vsë. For example, different lighting!

5. Also, the drum is easily possible to make a coffee table ...

6. A multiple - stylish shelves! This decor is appropriate in a studio loft or a teenager in the room.

7. In the course can go even chopsticks!

8. African drum - it is ready to table! However, the skin of the membrane without due care will deteriorate and will soon burst will come in waves, so it's worth thinking ahead and replace it with a cloth or a disc of wood.

9. The beauty and greatness of this light source is simply mesmerizing!

10. In the spacious house there is a place for the piano.

11. Or you can use it to decorate the garden.

Show a little imagination - and your favorite musical instruments will not be lonely gather dust on the shelves. Share with your friends this wonderful selection. Perhaps it will inspire someone to create no less beautiful and original things!

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