From the frog into a princess: 20 most shocking transformations with the help of make-up.

Beauty - terrible force. Sometimes it is so terrible that no sense of humor at it impossible to react differently. Today we bring to your attention the 20 best pictures of girls, in which the fair sex presented as a make-up, and without it. These pictures are made by a professional stylist, makeup artist Gohar Avetisyan can truly shocking, but they demonstrate how much can change the appearance of a girl with make-up expertly. Total 10-20 minutes - and nothing unremarkable "gray mouse" turns into a beauty. Convince yourself!

1. Well done, bravo master!

2. Lips are much more expressive!

3. From the "simpleton" in the "vampĀ».

4. Evening make-up. I like it.

5. I think, or is it the same girl?

6. Sometimes the makeup works wonders!

7. Beautiful styling - half the battle!

8. It is good that these massive earrings hidden behind lush hair!

9. Do not know about you, but I like her makeup!

10. The beautiful shape eyebrows - the pride of any girl!

11. Make it added a few years, or it seemed to me?

12. The right makeup + Stylish hair = beauty!

13. Big eyes - is also a reason for pride!

14. A little makeup - and you're the queen!

15. On the right photo it seems that it is almost without makeup, but the left image shows that it is not so.

16. It seems to me, or it is too early to be painted so brightly?

17. In my opinion, one of the most successful photos!

18. Case Wizard afraid!

19. In this photo make-up on the contrary, is very refreshing and makes the younger girl!

20. A smile on the lips and gleam in his eyes - the best weapon girl!

Do you think that will change any fashion make-up in 50 years? Maybe someday there will be a time when girls do not need to be painted to please men? Share these pictures with your friends and see how they relate to the make-up!

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