40 household goods "with a secret." Grandiose ways to use ordinary things!

Household items. They are not so simple as it might seem at first glance! Many of the objects that surround you, surprisingly versatile! Learn how to use ordinary things outside the box, and you will greatly ease your life. Holding a conventional thin rubber band, paper clip hook for the soul, you're holding a real treasure - the range of methods for their use is very wide. Do not be shy to show their creative thinking, simplify life, making it fun and easy. In the soul of each of us is hiding inventor and inventor! And that's what he is capable at times ...

1. Usual thin gum will help to remove excess paint from the brush. No splashing!

2. With the help of a plastic tube can prevent tangling chains or decorative lace. Brilliant!

3. Hanger with multiple levels is very useful for storing jewelry.

4. A formidable weapon against static electricity: pin. It is enough to fasten it to the inner side of the fabric, no problems!

5. Plastic bottle perfectly separates the whites from the yolks.

6. The idea for the storage and transport of small earrings. The losses we do not need!

7. Eraser removes scuff well with wood and light skin.

8. Case for glasses - secure storage for headphones, keys and jewelery. Extra-case I have exactly there ...

9. Clear the space between the keys on the keyboard help ... makeup brushes! Only they must be clean, of course.

10. This nail file is easy to remove scuffs on suede.

11. Scrapie bracelet with poorly functioning or broken clasp clip big help.

12. Plain black and white (no color!) Newspaper will give a sheen of dark leather shoes, and to cleanse it of impurities. In the extreme case where there is no brush.

13. Shower curtain hooks are suitable for hanging scarves, handbags and other pleasant things.

14. Cardboard basis, remaining after the use of a roll of wrapping paper - Assistant to store clothes without folds. Just the right thing Wrap around the roll. So very convenient to transport clothes and linens ...

15. When you move, you can pack fragile items inside the boxes with clothes and linen. Save space!

16. Spray stain remover for clothes helps to remove stains from the glue from various surfaces and clean off stickers.

17. Smear with clear lacquer loose screw on the eyeglass frames, and the problem is solved. You can do this to move freely over the button.

18. Wonderful idea for the signing of wires.

19. Rubber gloves will help to easily open the lid tightly twisted.

20. Wipe baseboards paper, and they will collect less dust.

21. The sticky side of the sheets to record well-suited for cleaning debris and dust in hard to reach places - for example, on the same keyboard.

22. Lightning will be easier to fasten if grease it with soap and water.

23. Scallops can be removed pellets from carpets, upholstered furniture, clothing and other surfaces.

24. Scrapie lid tins from hangers in the closet, and place there will be 2 times more. Duplex hangers - a dream come true!

25. This mesh is very convenient to clean pots and pans with non-stick coating delicate. Grid remove dirt without leaving scratches.

26. Vozi in the car out of the shower curtain. Excellent litter, which is handy if you decide to arrange an impromptu picnic.

27. Stiff side clean sponge can be cleaned from the rolled-up sweater lint particles and comb it.

28. An old pillowcase - an excellent case for clothes. It is enough to make a small hole for a hanger.

29. Oil Spray lubricates hinges on the door no worse than a special oil.

30. Saucer out of a flower pot is convenient to use as a stand under the pipes in the bathroom, from which it sometimes drips.

31. Pipe cleaners can help make or pipe hanger in the closet is not slippery.

32. Plastic covers are used as supports for iron jar in the bathroom. Rusted community will no longer!

33. Money clip, and open packages of bulk goods.

34. Baby powder cope with tightly knotted! Sodium powder and untie it with a pin.

35. These cute paper packaging will be useful to seal jars of jam. They can also be used as a stand for ice cream on a stick: nothing will drip onto your clothes and hands.

36. Here's how to store the bags!

37. With the help of adhesive tape can be removed sitting tight ring on his finger, seal the ends of the laces, and even stop the bleeding. On the wound should be washed paste a piece of tape - immediately stop the blood.

38. Coffee filters rescued from the mud in the saucers from the flower pots.

39. Sticky roller You can clean the inner surface in the pockets and purses!

40. Lollipops can stir coffee or tea! What flavor ...

I never thought that the sticky adhesive tape can be used so. What about the use of candy? These ideas exactly deserve to be seen your friends! Make your life comfortable, and quality of life will improve ...

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