These tips is rarely seen! 28 everyday tricks for every day.

No tricks, our life would be much harder! Ingenuity - the driving force of progress. It invites you to a new batch of boards, which undoubtedly will be useful in different situations. Housewives, students and creative people of different professions constantly replenish the treasury of life hacking, which wants to use the time. Memorize and use of health! Whatever you doing these everyday tips will simplify the task.

1. When the batteries are required, but only a little handy, use the foil.


2. Stand for fruit and sweets perfect for storing cosmetics. The order and beauty!


3. You'll never confuse keys if paint them a different color nail polish.


4. If you pour something from a container filled with liquid, attached to the neck of the stick for sushi or a pen. Do not spill!


5. Hot peppers not leave burning marks on the hands, if you are after work votresh the skin a little olive oil, then vymoesh hands with soap. If Pepper accidentally gets into your eyes - wash them with milk.


6. You get rid of the smell of garlic in the hands if potresh of stainless steel spoon under running cold water.


7. When the oil is cold and hard, use a grater. Grated oil is easier to spread on bread.


8. Coffee beans - chic deco. Such a support for brushes and pencils all will envy!


9. Tongs for straightening hair ironed collar on the shirt.


10. Omelette perfect shape is easy to make, using the mold as the onion rings.


11. Construct a powerful flashlight from a mobile phone, planted under the bottle.


12. Spiral of a ballpoint pen to protect the cable from Quitting.


13. Use the clothespin, and you just can not please everyone with a hammer on the fingers scoring carnations.


14. Put a wooden spoon on a pot of boiling soup or broth - do not pour out!


15. Corn rings - a great candle that can be used for birthday cake! Do not have to pick out a candle, no trace of wax on the birthday cake, also rings are edible.


16. Increase the area of ​​the working surface in the kitchen - easy! Put another board for cutting on the pull-out drawer.


17. Clip package to help repair the beach shoes.


18. Use a container of sunscreen as a repository for your phone, money and keys on the beach.


19. When the jar there are very few favorite chocolate treats, add the ice cream! You can also fill the jar with the remnants of "Nutella" hot milk - get a flavored drink.


20. To cool the laptop under his substitute cardboard tray from the eggs. Air circulation is ensured!


21. If the bread is too fresh, flip it before you cut.


22. Exquisite pattern on the cake is done by sifting the powder through a napkin.


23. If, during the slicing onions chew gum, no tears will not get any!


24. Box pizza replace the shovel can be thrown out with the trash immediately.


25. This barometer - brilliant stand for the tablet. Movies look very comfortable! Put it on the back - iron base will become a stand, sharpened by the tablet.


26. If you place the wipes on the grill fan, the room filled with a pleasant fragrance.


27. From plastic cups, too, can make a stand for the tablet.


28. A convenient method of storage of paper towels in the kitchen.


From time to time I use all of these tips - they are extremely relevant. And pulls specially to bake a cake, to sprinkle it with powdered through intricate napkin! If you share my delight - Throw friends tips, for sure they will learn something new.

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