Spicy food in the struggle for longevity: do not even think that was possible ...

Reaching the features in 90 years, you will become a real longevity! To this aim, many people, the secrets of longevity are extremely popular. Advise different techniques: the oxygen saturation of the body - the constant walking; development of the brain by solving crossword puzzles and tense chess games; More cereal and fish diet to omega-3 fatty acids are present in the body in abundance. Previously, it was believed that spicy foods have harmful: it leads to sleep disturbance, increased secretion of sweat and sebaceous glands, not very well affect the operation of the pancreas. But scientists suspect that the secret of longevity inhabitants of China and India is the regular use of spices. These facts cause to reconsider their attitude to the acute product ...

Fresh chili peppers - the leader among mineral hot spices. He needs to give priority to: fresh peppers, capsaicin is present not only, but also vitamin C. Capsaicin - an alkaloid, which through its powerful searing action can destroy cancer cells. If you like spice familiar dishes chili peppers, you are less likely to die from cancer. In the course of experiments, scientists have found that in the most favorable position there are people who eat hot chili peppers almost every day 4-6 times a week. The inhabitants of India and China is terrible luck sharp spice to them as familiar and indispensable for us - salt.

Nearly half a million Chinese adults participated in the study scientists. The subjects filled out questionnaires carefully with indicators of their health - in what state was their cardiovascular system, how often they ate the sweets, as well as how many times a week, study participants ate spicy food. Among those who consistently used the acute risk of death was lower by as much as 14%!

All that is good for health, we are coming! This article is not calling you to add a large spoon spice burning your favorite buckwheat. But a few times a week you can feast prepared personally Tabasco sauce from fresh chili pepper, poured boiling water, tomatoes, onions, garlic, black pepper and vinegar. All the ingredients are mixed in a blender, and a natural hot sauce is ready! This will strengthen your health and prolong life.

Methuselah genes - the most famous biblical elder, who rejoiced the sky above his head as much as 969 years old - everyone has. Show your friends an article about the benefits of spicy food - wish all a long life!

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