She hugged her sister weakened. What happened next was not expecting anyone.

For weeks the world watched with bated breath for the state of these twins. What happened to Kairi and Briell Jackson is bordered on the miraculous.

These babes were born for as many as 12 weeks before the due date. With a weight of barely a kilogram and comes to a clear lag in the development of girls' chances of survival were very small.

Sisters shared by putting each in a separate cell for the care of premature infants. Briell condition has gradually improved, she began to gain weight. As for Kairi, doctors doubted she would survive if at all.

A few weeks later there was something completely unexpected: the night Briell start screaming so much that he almost began to choke, and her little body turned blue. Nurse on duty tried to do everything in its power to calm the baby, but nothing helped. No one could understand why the baby was crying so bitterly.

Quite desperate, nurse Gayle Kasparian decided to put the girl next to her sister. It was forbidden, but the sister Gail yet ventured. And then something incredible happened: Briell immediately calmed down and instinctively hugged his sister is still weak Kairi.

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Then a miracle happened: after a while the little Kairi condition stabilized. Day after day she began to gain weight and soon caught up with my sister.

Now Kairi and Briel, 20 years old, they are about to graduate at the university. Like all twins, they spend much time together.

Sometimes human warmth - the most effective medicine. Especially when between people such close relationship as between the twins. Share this wonderful story and Kairi Briell.


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