Cats - the most mysterious creatures of our world. Who will solve their puzzle?

It is difficult to find anyone who would not like cats. After all, how can you not be touched these clumps happiness humming at night and in the morning mustache tickling ?! These 20 images will make you smile. And then you can not help but take your pet in his arms.

Photo: João Domingues

Photo: wakoo22

Photo: Laia

Photo: Dhruv Aggarwal

Photo: Kevin Law

Photo: Aleksandr Antonov

Photo: Suze Piat

Photo: Amy Covington

Photo: Bebo

Photo: Jennifer MacNeill

Photo: Keren Segev

Photo: Ruggiero Scardigno

Photo: alexgphoto

Photo: Aljaž Vidmar

Photo: Simon Lee

Photo: Pierre Adnin

Photo: Sebastian Gruia

Photo: Doron Nissim

Photo: Aleksey Ivanov

Photo: Jonathan Delgado

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