Happy couples do it every day ... Learn the secrets of the perfect relationship!

When it comes to advice on how to keep the perfect relationship with his half, better take the advice of experienced. I prepared the 20 things that make different pairs from around the world, claiming that it helps them to maintain harmony in the family. Some of them - absolutely amazing!

Take it with a towel, and while he takes a shower, do it.

«Every time favorite is the shower, I steal it with a towel and put it on a towel rack. When it comes out, it is time to warm up, I wrapped her in a warm towel and leave ». I>

Do not say "sorry", say - "thank you».

«When are you sorry for what had behaved like a fool, people focus on this. In return, expressed his gratitude for the fact that your half so good to you, and was able to forgive and forget everything ». I>

Spend more time in the morning, even if it means less sleep.

«My half wakes up at 5.30 in the morning and I get up with him. Preparing breakfast, veiled bed. This gives us 5 hours to spend more time along a week. And it's the brightest moments of the day ». I>

Make it a photo, until she sees it and send it throughout the day.

«I always shoot her when she does not see, and then I send her a photo. So I express my love for her family and children ». I>

Dance with it

«I dance with her. Not always in public places. Sometimes when we prepare, sometimes true. She is madly in love ». I>

Make a list of things like your half, and sometimes does surprises.

«From time to time I indulge his favorite things. Trifle, but nice! » I>

Finish her toothbrush every morning.

«Everything that I do is squeeze a tube of toothpaste on her toothbrush. So I give to understand that I think about it, and she likes it. This idea I borrowed from his father. He did this for 38 years ». I>

Arrange "5-minute the needle».

«Every day, we imagine that we are in the needle, separated from the world. We discuss all the good and bad of the day. Just 5 minutes a day alone together, but this is the most precious moments ». I>

Give each other small inexpensive gifts.

«I often buy his girlfriend something small and inexpensive. She loves these gifts. The most important thing - this attention ». I>

Pitch 'box for quarrels ».

«Every time we fight, I take out of this box favorite letter and read it. There are so many kind words! After that we immediately reconciled ». I>

If this thing is very special, buy the second pair and surprise your mate, when the previous thing will wear out.

«Once she wear their rubber boots, which are very fond of. Of course, this pair in the store was not. She bought others that she also liked. I immediately bought another pair. After 2 years, worn her boots. And then I gave her this pair. She was thrilled! » I>

tease each other.

«Once I told her that I could not meet her at the airport, and let her take a taxi. And the meanwhile dressed in a suit and made a sign with her name, as if I was a representative of the airport service. We then had a good laugh ». I>

leave notes for each other

«We have a completely different schedule. But we always leave notes to each other, and it's very uplifting ». I>

invite parents to dinner.

«It's great strengthens a relationship when you're having dinner together and discuss how the day went». i>

Donate something minor.

«We love to solve Sudoku. But I always solve the left side, but we are both right-handed ». I>

relax together

«It is sometimes even better than with something to do». i>

Cook together

«Every evening we cook together. It brings good and gives power ». I>

Switch off your phone when taking food together.

«I have a busy schedule, but when we had dinner together, all my attention I give only to her». i>

Leave the last bit of each other.

«I always leave her the last piece of dessert. This is her very happy ». I>

If you do not difficult, do it.

«Every day I zastelayu bed. Not that I like to do it, but it is not difficult. I know that for me my half, too, does a lot of things like that, and this becomes heat ». I>

Is not it a very nice family tradition? Share them with sovey half!



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