That's what happens when you ask the girl where she wants to have dinner. It is vital!

Nothing brings a couple, as a desire to have dinner together. But sometimes there is a choice oh how difficult. This often leads to quarrels and ... even parting. No, I'm not exaggerating. Here's how it happens.

What a wonderful day spent with his beloved. Nothing can spoil it! B>

- Honey, it's time to eat. Where would you like to go? B>

- No matter expensive. The main thing that you liked it. B>

- Darling, I know that the food - this is your fad. Because just tell me where you want. B>

- No, seriously! Where you wish, and to go. B>

- How about McDonald's?

- No way!

- Then maybe Mexican food?

- Um ... I'm not sure I want that.

- So why do not you just tell me, where do you want?!

- I told you. I do not care. Just call 18 seats, and can be one of them I like. B>

- Or are you talking about where we're going, or does not reject my suggestions! Choose. B>

- Good. We went to the pizzeria. B>

- You little devil! You know that after the waiter there licked his finger and then touched my piece of pizza, I there more a foot! B>

- I thought for you, no matter where we have dinner.

- I swear, I'll drown in the swamp of this machine!

- I collect my things and moving! Get out of my life! B>

- Stop! What about KFC? B>

- Sounds good.

- I love you so much!

- Let's get married!

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