10 things swingers do not like it. And they are happy!

Did you know that happy people live differently? This does not mean that they are living a completely different life, they just manage it better. Happiness - the result of a subjective interpretation of reality. What is happening in our lives - not just a coincidence. The reason that we are in a particular situation are we ourselves, our actions and our decisions. From yourself depends, will you be happy or not.

They do not try to make other people love them. Mainly because they do not care, like it or not. B>

They enjoy themselves and listen only to themselves. You can love them, you can hate them. You can generally does not apply to them, and they will absolutely do not care about that. They do what they want to do. They do not try to win your location. They do not want to be on your team, their team consists of only one person - themselves. They live as they see fit and well, if you like. If not, well, so be it.

They are doing something just because it really want to do it, not because it needs to be done. They do not believe that all are obliged to do something. All actions, apart from death and taxes are voluntary and based on their own decisions.

If they have something to do, somewhere to go or something involved, they do so only because it is exactly what they want to do. No one can force them, they rely primarily on their own opinions.

They love their friends, but do not rely on them completely.

With friends it is not so simple, because they do not really belong to you, right? They are independent people with their desires and needs, and with their priorities. Well, when you have friends, but too dependent on them is not necessary - you may be sorely disappointed.

If you ask them what they are doing, they do not call their profession.

They will talk about the things that I do, about where to have visited or plan to visit only; projects involving; any decision on employment and about with whom addressed these issues. They will talk about what they do in life, and not about what works and what their duties, that is how they earn it, so that one day heal the life you've always dreamed.

If they ask about where they live, they will say, "Now I live ....ยป

Happy people do not sit on the ground. Maybe because travel benefit for the soul. Or because a permanent stay in the same place they just get bored. Maybe they like to learn new people and get new experience. Or maybe they just have not yet found a place where they want to live. For these people, the house - the whole world. Although it sounds a bit pathetic.

They have their own philosophy and religion.

You do not need a guide in order to live their own lives. You can live the way you want, based on the principles that will choose for himself. Happy people are well distinguish the line between what is good and what is bad. They judge themselves.

They realize that life is not eternal.

They know that they are mortal, and accept this fact. You also accept this. Because it is inevitable. Happy people do not fear death and try to avoid it by all means. They see death as something inevitable and just live.

The world for them - the theater, and their mind - the director in it.

Our world is not for them the only existing reality. They see themselves as the creators of their sobtvennoy reality. They think they completely control their vision of the world. They perceive it as they decided to accept it, because they realize how important it is. We all live in a reality that for themselves created. Just someone of us are better able to create this very reality.

They live in the present.

Do happy people have goals, hopes and dreams. But they do not allow themselves to dream too much - it should be done in moderation. You can not live thinking only about the future, do not you might miss the most important and significant moment - the moment. This time it is precisely the moment in which you live. Everything else is just an illusion.

They do not try to change others, and trying to find the right approach for them.

Trying to change other people's waste. Of course, people change, but not because someone had made.

The person needs to decide what he wants to change, influence this process is simply useless - everything has to be gradual, otherwise the effect will be counterproductive. Instead of wasting time and energy on something that is impossible to achieve, why not do something more useful: learn to accept people as they are. If you can not change a person, learn to find the right approach to it. Or just let him go.

In short, these people love life. And if you're the same as they are, share this post with your friends!



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