The couple built a tiny house of their dreams and proved how little is needed for happiness!

Family Morrison had long dreamed of his home. Andrew and Gabriella worked in several positions and diligently trying to save money to buy a new home comfortable. After 10 years of futile attempts to collect the necessary sum the couple decided to use all the savings and build a small comfortable family nest. To do this, they needed only 22 000 dollars.

Today, Morrison will no longer have to worry about credit.

Area of ​​houses - only 20 square meters, but due to the compact design of the family has everything you need.

The tiny kitchen looks quite spacious.

In the kitchen all the necessary boxes stored.

The house was a place even for a reading area and a dining table easily converted into working.

Every centimeter of space cleverly used.

On the second floor is a bedroom with a double bed.

On the other hand - a tiny living room.

Bathroom equipped with modern plumbing system.

Of course, the house has a shower.

Another feature of this house - that it on wheels. The pair can travel directly on it! B>

Looking at this home, you realize that the spacious rooms - completely useless. To make enough 20 square meters. B>

After the construction of the new house the family Morrison realizes that happiness is not in luxury.

Admit it, that of a house dream of many. With it you do not burden the debts of rent, you're not tied to a specific area and you can go wherever you want. And then, with a functional family uses a small area - just a fairy tale!

Some people manage to build such homes, which most can only dream of. And it's not about money, but in the creative approach and capable hands. Just look at these houses!

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