8 facts of life that force to seriously think about what you spend your life.

How often do we talk about the transience of life, but we perceive these words seriously? But life is really running, and you have many years feel that it lives in vain, but left you do not have much time ... I hope that these statistics will allow you to look at your life in a completely new way. Do not be afraid, but the truth is a little excites. Remember to change it - is still in your power!

1. All of us believe that each of us is unique, but do not rush to conclusions. Together with you in one day has been born about 17 million people. It would seem that every year we get more and more friends. Indeed, for 10 years of schooling you will be about 17 friends. Approximately the same number of new friends you will have while studying at university. But for 40 years only two of them all you can call real friends.

2. These figures may seem exorbitant, but a lifetime on your head grows about 950 kilometers hair.

3. Try to somehow trace the other - you laugh about 18 times a day.

4. In all his life your legs doing a great job - you go through a distance equal to three circles Earth.

5. Ravenous you are a man! You consume about 30 tons of food and drinks more than 9,000 cups of coffee in my life.

6. The daily routine consumes a head in a lifetime you spend an average of 10 years of continuous operation at 20 years you sweet sleep, net 7 months you are standing in traffic jams, 2, 5 months is expected to answer calls, for 12 consecutive years you can you can not see a lot of TV, and 19 days you are looking for from a console. And this, of course, is not all ...

7. The probability that you will die from the shock, is 1 in 10 000.

8. We are so busy that our life is painted to the millisecond and only 1/5 of the days allotted to us on this planet is the fact that just to live.

This statistic is a little scary, or at least make us think hard. Live, love, life and rejoice in any case, do not let your life become dry statistics. Friend, do not waste a minute! Live my life to the full and share this philosophy of life with others!

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