10 decisions that you need to take now to spare no 10 years later.

Mark and Angela - the authors of the international bestseller "1000 things that successful people do differently." presents you their unique story about the 10 decisions that you simply must take to about anything to regret after 10 years.

At the end of his life the most you will regret a missed opportunity; about failed relationships under the influence of fear and the decisions which, for whatever reason, afraid to take. Just think ... Perfect opportunity that you missed; a friend who you have not called; very important, but so unspeakable words ... And everything could be completely different.

Each of us has ever felt a sense of regret. But while we are alive and well, it's too late to put everything in its place. Only today you have the unique opportunity to change their tomorrow. Only you can erase all the regrets of his past.

This is the right time to radically change their lives. Here are a few ideas that you can begin to change your life right now.

1. Find out what you like and get it
If you spend your life on what you try to gain independence with the help of foreign priorities, to no good it will not, you'll always feel unhappy. Try it! Explore, learn, determine what makes your heart sing and beat faster, go and do it! Find like-minded people. If you are wasting time trying to like what you like most, and your life will go on improper you scenario. Be yourself, love what you love, and you will be truly happy.

2. Live every day by their own rules
You are bound to meet people who will try to direct you to the path of "true" - their way. Remember, what's good for them, can have a negative impact on you, and vice versa. The truth is that the world is not what it is, and this, as we see it. And we see it differently. If you have lived a boring life, just doing what other people listened to councils (parents, peers and leading television program), blame you have only yourself. The best choice - to begin to listen to our hearts. Better to die, to live your life than to smolder, lived boring lives of others.

3. Wake up every morning and do the right thing
Stop dreaming, just do it! Take full responsibility for your life is over. You can not sit and wait for someone to do something instead of you. You yourself create their lives and write her script.

4. Postpone smartphone, live here and now
Terribly it hurts to realize how there was something you dearly when you already lost. Because your guiding principle should be the motto is - to live here and now. But as always, we complicate things. There is nothing complicated about to enjoy and appreciate what's going on with you at the moment. Summing up the results of life, you can hardly remember how cool photo you posted to Instagram. But surely you'll remember what with whom and how you have lived your life.

5. Practice kindness
Acts of kindness - the best solution in every situation. When you become more mature, you're barely able to remember things that are valuable to you as a young man, you do not remember the results of the exams in high school or at the introduction. But you will never forget the people who made thee good; which helped when you were hurt; I loved, when you felt it unnecessary to anyone. Try to be as a person for others.

6. Love yourself
You are the same one. Love - it's not something that you can get a gift from someone, it is something that lives inside you. This is a sacred part of you that makes you a man. And the most magical gift in life - to share that love with someone else. But do not forget to love yourself first. When you start to respect and love yourself, you can a hundred times more to love others: «You shall love your neighbor as yourself». I>

7. Slightly fewer runs. Find the time for those who love you so much
You must have heard the expression that all the beautiful things in the world are absolutely free. Spend more time with family and friends. Enjoy the antics of a pet rejoice smile son have fun with friends from the heart - it is the most precious and priceless moments in life. Do not work 60 hours a week for wear, it does not cost any money! So you will constantly too tired for something truly important. Suspend your rhythm of life, to make informed choices and enjoy what is really valuable.

8. Tell me what you think is right
Reprimand. Do not hide your thoughts and feelings, especially when they are really significant. Be brave. Tell me what you think is proper to say. Many people suppressed their feelings in order to stay on good terms with others, or to protect themselves against potential failure. Pent-up emotions can lead to the fact that you live your life is not the way you wanted it. Even worse, it leads to nervous breakdowns and heart zabolivaniyam.

9. Leave unhealthy relationship somewhere behind
Each one of us deserves respect from family, friends, colleagues. But to be respected, you must first respect himself. If someone treats you with disrespect, I tell him about it. If the situation does not change, limit contact with such people. Yes, to develop and go further, we need people who challenge us, and do not agree with us. But you should not tolerate people who do not respect you and make your life in a continuous film.

10. Let those who have already left
You will meet many more people on the way. Everyone there is in your life is not accidental. But not all of them will remain there forever. You'll opens up new dimensions of living with different people. Someone just walked on the edge of your fate, leaving its mark and it is wonderful! Be brave. Know how to tell «While» i>, to meet and tell «Hello». I> someone completely new.

Be of good cheer! Take these decisions and your life will become much easier, guaranteed! Share these important tips with your friends.



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