You feel that you spend your life in vain? These 13 tips will help you to become better!

Renowned psychologist Carol Morgan, based on their own research identified 13 signs that a person's life can become meaningless and it ..

1. You complain a lot. B>
You're always dissatisfied with something and consider it their duty to inform others. You see the negative in everything - their work, relationships, family, and regular household details. Does you ever your grumbling? Hardly. Try to talk about what you love, and not vice versa, and many will be much easier.

2. You do not develop intellectually. B>
You can not let your brain "stagnate", otherwise your mental abilities begin to degrade. Try to learn something new and useful for yourself and do not be lazy to look for food for the mind.

3. You spend too much time on all the small stuff. B>
What do you spend most of your time? Does it bring you any benefit? It's funny, but many now are proud of the fact that not watching TV. Alas, this is hardly an achievement because the time is not spent watching television, fully offset by prolonged sitting on the Internet.

4. You do not have enough inspiration. B>
There is nothing that you really liked? Nonsense, it does not happen! Try to find something that would be your passion, and be sure your favorite activity or bring you a lot of positive emotions.

5. Do you live day to day. B>
Of course, careful consideration of future steps take a lot of time and nerves, but believe me, the matter is greatly appreciated. Everyone needs a goal and plans for development. Otherwise, the inevitable degradation of the individual.

6. You think negatively. B>
No wonder they say that our thoughts are material. If you yourself are convinced myself that not good enough for a particular purpose, then it is true. If you think that you should not even start a risky business, because still nothing happens - so be it. Try to think positively and believe in their own strength, and everything will come out in the best way.

7. You communicate too much time with people who do not allow you to grow. B>
Stop spending time with the people with whom communication is reduced to only empty talk. Surround yourself with those who are focused on personal growth, and you can find, learn from them.

8. You are strongly dependent on your phone. B>
If you are among the people who are long swarm phone during a meeting with relatives, friends or acquaintances, we have bad news for you: the probability of losing precious moments when dealing with other people for you is extremely high.

9. You do not care about your body. B>
It is not necessary to be a master of sport, to become healthy. Small enough morning exercises and a balanced diet. Undoubtedly, these details under the force of each.

10. Are you afraid of novelty. B>
Of course, it is easy to live in a comfort zone and use only those things with which we are familiar, but how far we will go by following such principles? Unfortunately, people can not develop without trying something new.

11. Your life does not suit you. B>
Do you consider yourself happy? No? So, it's time to change something! You must do everything possible to bring you life began to enjoy while you still have the chance.

12. You do not get enough sleep. B>
Get rid of the habit to go to bed too late, because a healthy sleep is very important for the human body. Believe me, after a few decades, you still will be time for insomnia.

13. You spend money on unnecessary things. B>
Humpback three jobs to make money on the latest model of new-fangled gadget? But does it really need you so? Stop wasting money on useless purchase! It is better to think about what they surely there is a worthy alternative.

If you find that some of these items for you - do not worry. Try to follow the advice of a psychologist, and everything will certainly be better. Be sure to share tips with friends - even their lives change for the better!

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