30 key questions to be answered in order to make a million:

1. Do you know how much money is now in your pocket?
2. How much you earned during the previous month? A week? A day?
3. How much is a minute of your time?
4. How much will make you nervous?
5. Who manages your finances?
6. How can you list the ways on how to increase your income?
7. How do you feel in the presence of those people who earn much more than you?
8. How do you feel in the presence of those people who earn much less than you?
9. What are you willing to sacrifice for the financial well-being?
10. What would you do now if you have the account was already a million?
11. How much are you willing to lose and do not worry about it?
12. Do you know your family budget?
13. How much do you spend each day and on what?
14. What would you do if you lose your source of income?
15. How much do you want to earn?
16. What's stopping you earn more?
17. Who manages the money in your family?
18. Do you have a friend with a level of income that you would like to have? If not, why not?
19. How do you justify their misery?
20. Assess your skills as you stand?
21. Are there people who are jealous of your financial status?
22. How much money are you willing to take on credit without fear?
23. How much money are you willing to give creditors without fear?
24. What is more valuable: the right ruble invested or recklessly spent $ 100?
25. Solve simple problem: how long it takes you to
guaranteed to become a dollar millionaire by investing $ 100 per month. with a rate of 12% per annum? A $ 500? 1000 $?
26. What can you and willing to do today to accelerate this process?
27. What makes you get up in the morning in bed: Service, necessity, mother's dream?
28. Do the parents of your money, or you help them with money?
29. How much do you spend monthly for charity? What do you think charity?
30. How much money do you spend on your development?

With any of these questions begins millionaire.


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