22 The best way to come up with the idea of ​​their business and make it effective:

1. The idea of ​​your business lies in the skills that you possess or can acquire.
2. In business, it is important not the idea, but how to translate it into money.
3. The idea of ​​business is to inspire you to its implementation.
4. The idea of ​​the business and its realization make your life more fulfilling.
5. Understand who you are - a generator of ideas or implementer.
6. The idea - it is 5% of the money, the rest - the realization of ideas.
7. New ideas do not happen - look around.
8. Cut diamond - especially your idea, and you are a jeweler.
9. Implement a time only one idea, but think about the other.
10. The idea can be realized in 1 second, but only if you are willing to work on it for many years.
11. Start doing what you love and love what you do.
12. Earn money - the most ridiculous idea in business.
13. Most of the great ideas have been realized without attachments.
14. See what you could improve, it could easily become your business idea.
15. One small implemented idea is worth a hundred is not implemented.
16. Implement the idea in which you are a pro.
17. Work hard on the realization of his ideas around the clock.
18. The same idea can make a person rich, and the other - the poor. The secret is in the man himself.
19. Your idea is hidden in dreams about how you want to live.
20. No more stupid ideas than where to spend their money.
21. Even the worm-eaten bitten apple can be a brilliant idea.
22. To implement the ideas you will need all your strength - so do not waste your time on trifles.


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