Leo and Sofya Tolstoy.

Love can not only grow cold, but in some cases die at all ... When the wife does not give her husband the freedom to be yourself, when she kept pressing on him, prompting him to change, it could lead to the collapse of a happy marriage. One of the most tragic events in history - a marriage Russian writer Count Leo Tolstoy and his wife Sofya Andreyevna.
Tolstoy - one of the most famous writers in history. Two of his masterpieces, "War and Peace" and "Anna Karenina", considered a treasure of world literature. He was so revered by his people, some walked behind him day and night, recording every word that comes out of his mouth. Although he was a man of rich and famous, having become acquainted with the religious teachings, he went to work in the field. He made himself shoes, ate from wooden bowls and tried to love our enemies. He abandoned the copyrights to his books and dare to live the life he believed in.
At the beginning of marriage, Tolstoy and Countess together praying to God that their love for each other is not quenched. But as soon as Tolstoy's views on life has changed, and changed their marriage. Sophia could not accept his simple lifestyle. She loved luxury, he also despised the value of material goods. She was attracted to fame and recognition in the society, he is esteemed these things as rubbish. It sought to wealth, he considered it a sin. When he confronted her, and went on his way, she became hysterical and began to threaten to commit suicide or jump into the well. In this way, she was trying to put pressure on him and make the change.
This man who adored his wife when he married her, forty-eight years could not make one of its kind. Countess Tolstoy, with a broken heart, advanced in years, thirsting for love, falling on his knees at the feet of her husband, begged him to read his notes, which he had done for her in his diary fifty years ago. When he read about those wonderful days that are now gone forever, they both burst into tears. Dying writer requested that his wife was not allowed into his room.
Countess Tolstoy is not necessary to blame. Her husband could reckon with her feelings and make some concessions. He could have at least partially to cede it. But imagine how noble it would be with her hand to take his life, to give him the freedom to experiment with their ideas, check their dignity. He would love her even more than the first, and she would have lost nothing, but, on the contrary, would acquire something that has real value.


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