10 decisions that you will regret in a few years. Change your life right now!

"Oh, if only ..." This phrase makes most of the saddest phrases.

By following these 10 rules, you can avoid many problems in life, as well as to eradicate the feeling of regret and disappointment about made you.

1. It is not necessary to wear a mask in order to impress others. If the person you are constantly showing the world - a mask, the one below it will be empty. If you spend too much time trying to focus on someone else's perception of you, or is someone you need to be in communication with other people's wishes, one day you'll forget who you really are. Do not be afraid of being judged by others, their opinion should not cripple your life. You do not have to be perfect to impress or inspire others. Let them be surprised at how you deal with your shortcomings! I>

2. Do not let anyone build your dreams! One of the biggest challenges - to realize who you really are, and be happy with what you discover. Most of this dilemma - it is your decision to pursue their own goals and dreams. Do you know people who do not agree with you? Excellent. This means that you choose your own path, and you have your own opinion! Sometimes you do crazy things, but at the moment when you see yourself admiring, remember - you are doing everything right. I>

3. Get rid of the influence of bad company. Do not let anyone who has a bad upbringing, affect you. Do not let them invade your life. They can not get to a gun, if you will not give it to them. When you choose a group of people, you consciously choose the path of anger, irresponsibility, greed and cruelty, instead of generosity, compassion, peace and patience. I>

4. Do not be selfish. Life is full of good deeds - the best reason to remember you when you are gone. Those who inspire you, who helped and who shared, you will remember long after your time expires. What do you do for yourself - you will die, and what you do for others - will remain forever in the hearts of the people, will remain in the memory of many. Well, engrave your name in their hearts, not on stone. I>

5. Do not be afraid to change and grow! If you want to know your past - look today at their conditions of life, if you want to know the future - look at their actions. You have to let go of old, if you want to open the way for the new. The past is already behind, do not look back. If you understand it right now, a lot will change in your life and bring you only pleasure. I>

6. Do not give up when something has gone wrong! It is not mistaken only one who does not do anything! If something did not meet your expectations - do not be depressed. Analyze the situation, draw conclusions and move on. The one who constantly makes a step towards life - always wins. After all, there is only the road under my feet going. I>

7. Perfection is in the details! Everything is made up of little things. If sometimes everything seems too complicated and confusing - take a deep breath and begin to lay everything on the shelves. Just start doing it, you will discover for themselves something new, you will notice that it was so close, but it was hidden under a thick layer of "dust." And when you navedesh complete order in his head, then you can see what has gone wrong in your life that you missed, did not finish. It may take a long time, but will certainly help to correct any errors. I>

8. Not Draw illusory hopes! Be strong to let go of an empty illusion, and wise to wait for what you really deserve. You can lead astray, fall below, but remember that this is just for you to be even higher and stronger than it was before. And if your eyes are bathed tears, it is necessary to see their opportunities more clearly and in a new way. Do not stop! I>

9. Do not put off everything for tomorrow! The problem is that we always think that we have a lot of time to do everything then. But one day you wake up and see that no. And there's nothing you've dreamed of. You missed everything! And then in your head will come a million excuses why you did not. But they do not heal your soul, but only create the illusion of such, will not allow it now to not be miserable tomorrow. I>

10. Stop being lazy! The world do not owe you anything, you owe him. Stop only dream starts to make. Take full responsibility for your life, control her own. You need demand and others only start to act, and you will see results! "Once" has arrived, and "someone the right world" - it's you! I>

All wrong, do something wrong, looking for a way out of a confusing situation, but, alas, not always the right way immediately comes to mind. These rules will help you find it, tell us how less stumble reminded how to make your life easy and desirable! Share them with your friends, let them today will work on themselves, and the result will not be long wait!



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