25 most stupid mistakes Photoshop. When the hands are growing out of the place ...

Current wisdom says: "There is no ugly women. There are women who do not know how to use Photoshop. " The program, which has become the salvation for many, in fact, very intricate. Newbie, first saw the interface of this editor in awe by the abundance of buttons and filter immediately closes it and frantically looking for at least some guidance. And now, having learned to cover up pimples, a week every other already imagines himself to advanced users. Alas, the reality is bitter and often ... just funny to colic in the abdomen. Now we will show you the works of masters of Photoshop that are worth stored in the House of weights and measures of human carelessness and krivorukost.

1. The first lesson of this tutorial right on the cover. B>

2. 6 strings - 6 fingers. Everything is logical. It is terrible to imagine what mutants to play the piano ...

3. Saggy firm breasts - only on the pages of our magazine! B>

4. "Come as you camera, idiot! I paw burns! ยป I>

5. Polish tolerance is very selective. B>


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