25 most stupid mistakes Photoshop. When the hands are growing out of the place ...

Current wisdom says: "There is no ugly women. There are women who do not know how to use Photoshop. " The program, which has become the salvation for many, in fact, very intricate. Newbie, first saw the interface of this editor in awe by the abundance of buttons and filter immediately closes it and frantically looking for at least some guidance. And now, having learned to cover up pimples, a week every other already imagines himself to advanced users. Alas, the reality is bitter and often ... just funny to colic in the abdomen. Now we will show you the works of masters of Photoshop that are worth stored in the House of weights and measures of human carelessness and krivorukost.

1. The first lesson of this tutorial right on the cover. B>

2. 6 strings - 6 fingers. Everything is logical. It is terrible to imagine what mutants to play the piano ...

3. Saggy firm breasts - only on the pages of our magazine! B>

4. "Come as you camera, idiot! I paw burns! » I>

5. Polish tolerance is very selective. B>

6. Girl posing biomagnetic field with his bare hands. B>

7. Now I will have nightmares in which the girl turns her head 360 degrees. B>

8. The dwarf-bag - the new rage. B>

9. What actually will get the information on the card? B>

10. Man-not-completely invisible. B>

11. Favorite trick ladies aged. B>

12. One black man in the photo - as something not tolerated. B>

13. Two hands - good, but three - better yet. B>

14. Two left hands - also does not matter if you want to become a model. B>

15. Conchita start small ...

16. Indeed, the Vatican - a country of miracles. B>

17. Jennifer Lopez apparently mutant child ...

18. On the walk to the invisible girl. B>

19. For designers «Levi's» the laws of physics do not apply. B>

20. Her breasts are so powerful that bends space around itself. B>

21. Six-fingered idol. Something scared me! B>

22. I always suspected that the lottery - it sells. B>

23. Ah, those fingers ...

24. «Victoria's Secret» developed a top secret bag. B>

25. In the second picture the man is clearly discouraged drifting mole. B>

Sometimes, to create a masterpiece lacks the main thing - mindfulness. The guys who did this work, we wish good luck next time and say thanks for the good mood. And, of course, if you, too, love to embellish reality in the graphic editors, then try not to be distracted while working, otherwise one day you see yourself in a similar post.

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