At first glance, it looks like a fun bike ride ... but you'll be horrified to learn what it is!

Whether you yourself to fans of extreme sensations? Decided you could ever ride on a roller coaster? I'm sure you, like me, are so afraid of the giant and the dizzying loops, hairpin turns and high speed, it never would have not sat on this attraction. But I will tell you more in the world there are roller coasters, from which even the fans to tickle your nerves appears perspiration on his forehead.

If you want to try your luck, then boldly ezzhaj to Japan in the Brazilian Highlands Park Vasyudzan and rolled skaytsikle that many suggests a quiet horror. Unlike traditional roller coaster, this ride is quite slow, that does not make it less terrifying. Wishes sip of adrenaline just sit in something similar to a regular bike and go to the, I would say, an unforgettable journey through the vast expanses. Yes, probably written not cause you absolutely no surprise. But wait, you just have not seen ...

So, strictly speaking, skaytsikl.

This double structure in which there are two pairs of pedals, so that each passenger can control the speed.

In fact, at first glance, it looks exciting ...

In addition to the seat belt, is, in fact, there is absolutely nothing that could be in an accident to save your life.

You can not even be sure that it does not fly into the neighboring foreign truck.

I do not know what feelings people experience when passing through such loops ...

Oops, I forgot to mention ... In some areas skaytsikla you are lucky enough to even touch the tree crowns.

Wow, what a height!

But do not worry, be calm. Just do not think about the height ... just do not think about the height ...! B>

To have an idea of ​​what it looks like in life, do not be lazy to watch this video:

It's okay, it's almost the same that does not ride a bicycle ... but only you have to fall from a height of several tens of meters, well abrasions are far more serious than any there a broken knee. Then you certainly do not sit on those slides again! I do not know about you, but I value my life and would not have dared such a thing. Share this eerie attraction to your friends. Maybe they are not weak?


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