This girl never heard crying his newborn sister ... Her reaction - one emotion!

When the family there is a small child, this is an exciting time not only for parents but also for their older children. During this period more adult children can experience a variety of emotions, including jealousy.

But in order to properly prepare the child for the appearance of a new man, parents can do a few simple things. For example, to notify their child about when a new baby is born; to show him the pictures that he had an idea of ​​how little kids look; go to visit relatives or friends who have grudnichki; to dream together about what is the name you choose for his future brother or sister.

It seems that this sweet girl is more than just ready for the emergence of a new baby in the family. When the crumb first saw her younger sister, she was just in seventh heaven! Looking at her reaction to the weeping sister, you can not help but smile!

It's great when the older children so tenderly and carefully relate to their younger brothers and sisters! How much sincerity and kindness in this baby ... I am confident this girl will be a great sister to the newborn. Lift your mood to your friends - show them a complete positive video.


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