These people build tiny houses, which can easily turn into the home of your dreams!

Often small and inconspicuous things can conceal something very important. Like it or not, but size does not always matter. In this you yourself can make when you see these little houses uyutnenko. By purchasing a home, you not only save, but also makes a very profitable contribution to personal comfort and well-maintained. All that is needed to create such a cute little house - the talent and ingenuity! The American company Arched Cabins wonderful way to combine these two qualities!

Arched Cabins are doing exactly what you need - small arched and domed houses, something resembling a hut. It is original, creative and practical. Just look at these tiny works of art!

The company offers arched houses 20 different colors.

Their height ranges from 3 to 6 meters.

cost you a house in as much - $ 200-300 per linear foot.

However, this price does not include laying the foundation, which will cost you about $ 3000.

With all the additional costs you will have to pull out of pocket about $ 7500- $ 14000 for a house here.

Company Arched Cabins says that, despite the outward miniaturization, these houses are quite durable and resistant to extreme weather and climatic conditions. Buyers even provided 40 years of quality assurance. B>

Not bad for such a small house!

Forget cramped residential areas that have to share with the neighbors, and the high skyscrapers, because the future of the creative, compact and cozy houses! This is a great compromise between price and quality. You too close to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčminimalism? Tell us about the tiny arched and domed houses your friends.


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