The life of a man from a tree (25 photos)

They say that people or the ancestors of people once lived in the trees. At least in some places. It is clear that the Chukchi and Aleuts, for example, the trees could not live in the absence thereof. But I as a child lived in the trees regularly. We are teammates, even something like a lodge in the branches several times built. Stupid anti-evolutionists sometimes say that, they say, "even wild and feral tribes do not live in trees, as do monkeys who tipped us to the ancestors." What can we say to such people? Here's what: "Lord, you know little, a little reading and unobservant." All children who are in the personal development of its repeated development of the human species, live in trees. At least - at the bottom of the fork plum tree is not would call Grandma to dinner. A look at the first picture on this post. Click on it to see details. See? This modern home Papuan tribal people korouai. And it - high on the tree.

Among the tribes still living on trees and korouai kombai - the most famous. Probably because they live in fact very high. Clearly, it is one thing to raise the home on stilts, or even trunks of natural trees over six meters underground, and vpendyurit it here on this height - quite different:

Comrade brings home a dog with a walk:

More houses:

By the way, deviate for a moment from the subject, the tribe korouai remarkable not only for its houses. Like many savages korouai almost nothing to bear the clothes, doing the bare minimum. So, at least, which bypasses the men of the tribe, even clothing can not be called - they are very intricately packed its members with the help of one or two verёvochek or even without them, so to speak, is not stuck. And yet. I wonder what happens to the term in this package, if uh ... the media, so to speak, suddenly catches up with an erection? Hmm ...

Okay, back to their homes in the trees.

Kombai and korouai - one of the wildest, perhaps, tribes in the world. Malay folk Semanggi (Ngong) today already live mostly on the ground, in extreme cases - in the pile houses. But not so long ago, they also lived in trees. Photos wood homes Semanggi I have not found, but almost charcoal - on high stilts in the trees:


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