Isolated from the outside world Korowai tribe (10 photos)

Korowai tribe is located in Papua province, deep in the jungle.
The houses are built in the trees, they are completely isolated from the outside world.
How can they survive: gather berries, hunt.
For the first time the tribe opened a Dutch missionary in 1974.

People tribe Korowai live in tree houses, ranging in height from 6 to 12 meters, but some of them rise to as much as 35 meters above the ground. Typically, homes are based on a single tree, but often the foundation of the house consists of several trunks, which provides additional support. These tree houses are not only protect the family from the swarms of mosquitoes at a level below but also reflect attacks annoying neighbors and evil spirits.

To build a tree house, shown strong banyan tree, to function as the central stronghold. The top of the tree is removed and the first floor of the structure is constructed of sago palm. The walls and roof are made from the same leaves.

Flooring should be fairly strong and durable, because the tree houses often serve as the home of a dozen people. Dried vines and tree trunks notched stretched from the base of the house on a tree to climb up. This staircase trembles with each step and warned residents that the visitor on the way.

Korowai - excellent hunter-gatherers. Since the early 1990s, some of them began to cooperate with travel agencies selling trips to this area, that brings them a moderate extra income. This is surprising, because in less than two decades ago, they did not even know that there was a world outside their jungle.


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