Interesting facts about the 18th century (11 photos)

List some of the achievements and innovations that have emerged in the 18th century.
It is interesting to know to what people have come to progress at the time.

10. Personal hygiene

Today we appreciate the personal hygiene, but until the early 18th century a person could in his life never to dive into the water. Many people believed that bathing - it is an unhealthy thing, and & quot; soaking & quot; his body in water, especially hot, allows various types of diseases and infections enter the body. Even if a person decides to take a bath, he did it with clothes! This habit persisted until the late 19th century.

9. Deodorant

Until the 1880s, people did not think about creating a deodorant, despite the fact that most of them most of the time very bad smell, but no discomfort from that they have not experienced. Rich tried to mask the bad smell lots of spirits, but today everyone knows that this method does not work.

It is worth noting that in the 9th century scholar Ziryab (Ziryab) proposed the idea of ​​creating underarm deodorant, but it did not take. Up until 1888 there was nothing of the sort. That year began mass production of the first deodorant, which had phenomenal success in the west. These deodorants are available today, they are marketed under the brand name & quot; Mom & quot ;.

8. Grooming

Women do not treat hair on his body. In the western world the removal of body hair was not common until the 1920s. There are certainly some countries, women who still do not take anything with her hair on the body. However, we should not talk about it now.

7. Toilets

The house at that time smelly feces natural human body. Then there was no running water, and most people are relieved in the pot, which could leave as long as one does not dare to throw its contents into the nearest window. Later, the pots were kept in some homes, but were created by the open toilets. However, even in the Victorian era, the pots were used as emergency toilet at night.


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