"The smell of babies" - myth or reality? Science has a very unexpected answer!

You probably often heard the trite phrase that babies smell good. It turns out that this is an explanation. Aware of it or not, but the first thing we usually do when we take the baby in her arms - is inhale the smell.

All babies smell good by nature. No, it's not because of the powder or air conditioner for baby clothes ... It is simply the smell of the baby. But then the kids, like all of us, become adults and have to mask your natural scent with artificial. But why are children so nice smell? Is there such a thing as "the smell of the baby?" As shown by various studies, "the smell of a baby" - is not a myth but a reality.



During one of the scientific experiments scientists studied brain activity in more than 30 women in the study who had a sniff of a newborn pajamas (so they are not subjected to the visual impact). Half of these women have already given birth to their first child, while the second part of the test did not have children. The results were astounding!


Scientists have found that regardless of the status of maternal, infant inhaled the smell, the brain produces the hormone dopamine women that causes feelings of pleasure and is an important part of the "reward system" of the brain.

The researchers suggest that perhaps the smell of a woman's maternal instinct is triggered.


But the smell of babies affects men? Scientists are helpless gesture and can not answer this question. But according to experts of the Center for Chemical «Monell» in Philadelphia, similar processes occur in men. This smell can cause feelings of parents and representatives of a strong half of mankind.


It turns out the phrase "baby smell" - this is not fiction-obsessed child of their mothers. If you were interested in this information, tell your friends about it.



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