7 reasons why a foreigner should not meet with a Russian girl


Russian girl Marina Vinogradova, worked as a guide and telling tourists to Russia, wrote a column for the site MatadorNetwork in English addressed to foreigners, why you never want to meet with Russian girls. And here's the thing:

They are too beautiful
For the majority of Russian girls life - a podium, so they always have to look at the five-Possible, even if left to pick up the newspaper from the mailbox or take a walk with the dog. My friend Sasha wears high heels every day and absolutely no worries that it's uncomfortable. The main thing - it is beautiful!
In the five years of study, she never appeared in the classroom in the same clothes twice. When I asked why she devotes so much attention to their appearance, Sasha replied, "Why should not I look good? Beauty - is the strength and respect. No one at first glance does not appreciate your rich inner world ».
The fact that Russian girls always look good, on closer inspection it seems intimidating. After all, if you're going to go somewhere with it, you have to make a lot of effort to look decent on its background. Otherwise, everyone will stare at you and ask: what does this cutie next to the bogey?

Devotion - it's not always good
Russian girl will be for you the most devoted friend, best adviser, a competent critic, and even personal physician if you become ill. Women in Russia caring and tender, they are always ready to lend you a shoulder, and together go through any adversity. The best example of loyalty to Russian women - the wives of the Decembrists. In the XIX century Russian nobles revolted against the king. For this they were sent to exile in Siberia for life. Their wives voluntarily went after them, and shared all the hardships of life in the cold desert lands.
Russian woman believes her partner - the best man in the world: the most talented, the most powerful, the most intelligent. She truly thinks so because he values ​​himself very highly. And if she considers herself a queen, the couple could afford to select only the king and treat him to, respectively, as to the royal lady - with respect, care, love and support. But if you think loyalty is too boring, it is better not to meet with Russian girls.

You will see a Russian mother-in-law
Russian mother-in-law and father in law - it is very dangerous. First and foremost to your health. Because the home of the parents of your girls will always be covered with a table full of strange food: soups, meats, soups with meat, salads, half consisting of mayonnaise, potatoes and more potatoes, pancakes with meat and cake for dessert.
Do not finish the meal - rude, so you have to eat it all. No, really, EVERYTHING! And if you are waiting for help from his beloved, you do not expect: the guests at the Russian decided to feed to satiety. Therefore, it is likely instead to save you from this folly, will offer a second piece of cake.
And do not forget about the initiation: Dad your girl is likely you will experience a variety of ways to make sure that you are worthy to meet with his precious daughter. For example, my friend Jacques had to drink with his father of the girl, otherwise it would be considered a wimp. Fortunately, he passed the test, and we had to celebrate another cake.

They are too independent
Russian poet Nikolai Nekrasov XIX century once wrote: "The Russian woman stop a galloping horse in a burning hut." This powerful image of an independent woman who does not really want from men neither aid nor protection, largely truthful. Girls in Russia do not believe in the ideal relationship, and I think that even if you have found your prince, should be able to provide themselves.
Career and obtain a second higher education for many of them much more attractive search of someone who will appreciate your individuality and freedom. Russian women are very independent and stubborn. Even, perhaps, too. On the other hand, her fighting spirit will help you both to overcome difficult times.

Her high expectations
Russian women are very demanding. They do not just want a guy who will love them madly. They want the best man in the world, at the same time loves them to distraction. She expects you to behave like a gentleman: to open the door for her, to help put on a coat, give flowers on a date. So, if you are not that type of man, do not even try to build a relationship with the Russian.
And always be in her eyes, a knight without fear and reproach: give in place in transport for older people, save a kitten from stray dogs. I once met a man who jumped into the sewage system, to pull fallen into the hatch tiny ducklings. In the eyes of the girl he was a real hero.

You'll have to break the ice in relations
Russians are used to keep a distance before to get close to someone from your new friends. Russian woman will feel the Snow Queen, even if head over heels in love with you (especially if you head over heels in love!).
My colleague Paul, who meets a girl from Moscow, once said: "When we started dating, between us there was a wall of ice. It seemed she did not want to reveal to me, or at least allow to approach closer. But slowly, step by step, I was able to break the ice and found him hiding under the most loving and caring person in the world ».

Russian food
For many Russian women delicious dinner - it's a way to show their love, so be ready for its culinary experiments. First Russian food may seem perfectly normal and even a little boring. But if you start to eat Russian food all the time, not just during a visit to her parents, then you will appear more and more questions.
What is this strange purple salad? Beet and herring? Pancakes with caviar? Why she puts cabbage in all the dishes? How many kinds of pickles, there on the ground? What kind of rye bread drink? You may hate the majority of dishes, but will surely find for themselves something really tasty. For example, a friend of mine loves salad. According to him, it is because there is no cabbage.


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