Once they took the dog from a shelter. A few years later she repaid them invaluable service ...

There are many stories about how the animals are doing incredible things. One gets the impression that they are really endowed with a special flair.

This dog probably sent this family as a guardian angel. 6 years before the birth of a daughter, they took the animal from a shelter. Bryusso thought that rescued the dog and give him a family, but in the end, it turned out as a dog rescuer.

When the little girl in the middle of the night stopped breathing, the animal sound the alarm. Only because of his timely response, the doctors were able to resuscitate her. Thanks to four-legged hero, all were alive and happy.

It Bryusso Jenna with her 9-week daughter Harper. With them, it could be something terrible. B>

But close family friend was correct. He was able to prevent disaster. B>

dog named Duke took shelter with 6 years ago. Since then, he was a loyal friend of the family Bryusso. B>

One night, there was something unimaginable. Duke Harper was asleep in the room and heard the baby's breath interrupted. B>

Animal rushed headlong into the bedroom to the parents of the girl and woke them. Dog before yourself so never led, and the couple realized that something had happened. B>


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