That's what happens when cosmetic bag falls into the hands of a madman ... 26 most vivid horror makeup.

In today's society, everyone can be expressed as ... To be beautiful and stand out from the crowd, many women resort to various beauty treatments. Today, the beauty industry offers the fair sex a wide selection of all sorts of goods and services. It would seem to be beautiful is now easier than ever. But there it was! If a girl knows how to deftly deal with cosmetics, some of the usual flea simpleton it can turn into just such a beauty. But if his hands ladies do not grow out of the place - it smells like kerosene! Give some girls in the hands of the beautician's like a monkey a grenade! Make sure that he looked a compilation of 26 horror makeup. This dream is not even in the worst nightmares Nervous ... not to look!


Because you can not be in the world such a beautiful ...

Just murderous look!

Ariel is not the same ...


Mom, Rodi me back!

What are sponges ...

Just Lala!

Apocalypse descended?


We love the glamor-rr-r ...



Freddie, are you?

I will no longer sleep ...

The madness in sequins.

What is the range of colors!

Beauty - really terrible force ... How could so disfigure yourself ?! Show these horrors makeup mad people to their friends. In no case do not repeat like!

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