This puppy dog ​​has lost all four paws ... But fate presented him with a surprise gift!

This charming two-year Rottweiler named Brutus. Most recently, the dog began a whole new phase of life. The fact that Brutus - a dog with a disability. But not without the help of kind people who were willing to donate money and effort to help Brutus to his feet, the dog put expensive prostheses on all 4 paws. The dog finally took his first steps ...

This heartbreaking story began when Brutus was still a puppy. He was cold and hungry, all alone, was left to the owners. The street was very low temperatures, and the kid himself frostbitten feet. Worse, after the owners have tried to personally perform the surgery and amputate the puppy paws. Dog for life became disabled and lost his ability to walk.

The new owner of Brutus, Lauren Aquilina, said: «If Brutus did not do prosthetics, he would have crawled across the carpet and stayed in the four walls». I> To avoid this, the owner of the dog and other people who care We created a fund to raise money for surgery the dog. They managed to collect about $ 13,000, and Brutus finally got the opportunity to go.

Brutus road to recovery was not easy - it took in total about 6 and 8 months of grueling long weeks of rehabilitation. Today the dog is recovering. Dog still passes physical therapy. «We will work with Brutus that it is fully adapted to his new prosthesis, after which he will be able to run, romp and play hide and seek with other dogs», i> - says the vet Sasha Foster.

There has been a considerable progress Brutus. Look what a fine fellow he is! B>

Today, many dogs who, for one reason or another deprived of the opportunity to move, simply euthanized. But the example of Brutus can be an inspiration to all owners of dogs with disabilities. Tell us about this brave pse your friends!


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