Life 24 cards that only women understand. How is familiar!

No matter how many words may be written to the fair sex, the ladies always find a thousand and one more reason to surprise not only others but also themselves. After all, anyway, and the woman - being multifaceted, a bit naive, unpredictable, multi-functional and also quite dangerous. Only the weaker sex (though about his weakness can still be oh how to argue!) Know what to buy at last new expensive shoes, which is so convenient ... sit, or urgently to start losing weight and extensively rock press, because tomorrow the sea, a swimsuit sitting as something not very.

Today, friendly staff online magazine decided to devote an entire post about tricks, and the intricacies of the issues that are likely familiar to every woman. Yes, representatives of the beautiful half of a bit windy, sometimes overly panicking, sometimes hysterics, like to exaggerate everything, believe in miracles and the existence of an ideal husband. On the other hand, who does not like women make this world better. And rightly so!

I think every woman recognized herself in a series of cards - so they are vital. This proves once again that even if we live in different parts of the world, different time zones and climates, the problems are all very similar. And hell, the thought that you are not alone in the world, it is much warmer.

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