30 things that today's children do not understand

It's hard to believe, but the children who were born in 2008, in September, will go in the 1st grade. And it is time to admit that for them and students are older, you have a dinosaur. However, there are things that they, despite their new-fangled, will never understand.

< Website I have collected 30 things that bind us to you and about which these guys probably did not even know.

They never lived in a world with a monthly limit of text messages. They never set up an antenna for TV reception and do not get up early on weekends to watch cartoons. The fact that we once transfer files via infrared, they do not even suspect. For these children, your favorite little old Motorola has a museum artifact!

For it is possible to carry and your film camera, matrix printer, and so to speak - CD-player. Today's children are unlikely to guess the relation between the ordinary pencil and tape. They have never experienced the frustration when trying to record your favorite songs from the radio on the tape and chatty DJ spoils. You may not believe, but even the MP3 format over them for 14 years! The Backstreet Boys have existed longer than all these kids live. They are unlikely to understand the expression, "You sound like a broken record." They never heard a sound modem: https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/161789758&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true

Therefore, no one spoke to them: "Get out of the Internet, I need to talk on the phone!" Just think, even for a mouse ball are already a rarity. They never understand the wave of expectations that downloads one song for several hours, hoping that the relationship will not break. Each track has been downloaded with real gold! Do today's children already have GPS, and they never tried to advance
print card in the printer. These people never untangled the phone cord is not corrected aerial TV, and most likely have no idea what is going on in this picture.

They do not understand what Kuze you ever wanted to call, but could not because you had a rotary phone. And, even playing with a friend on the computer, they will not understand the magical meaning of the phrase, "Let's walk you will, and I shoot." And when they see your collection of chips, or even do not know that they have to do. But how hard we conquered them! But what about all of our favorite game, when going to the whole court? Rezinochki, classics, cops and robbers ... What are you ?! The mystery for them to be and our interactive exercise book: "Battleship", "Hangman", "Balda". We cherish these scribbles, remembering smile neighbor's party. Having found a videotape in the closet with your favorite movies, they do not understand where it should be inserted. And why, if everything is now to be found in two clicks! Yet for us, it will remain a sacred relic. At the sight of these letters they did not begin to play a solemn melody in my head:

Even the cartoon "Shrek" appeared 7 years before their birth, and the TV series "Friends" ended 4 years before they were born. Wait a minute! And what about "Ellen and the boys," "Twin Peaks," "Melrose Place," "Wild Angel", "Columbo", "Alf," "Poirot," "Beverly Hills 90210" and a bunch of other shows that we revised pleasure? Oops, they did not even heard of such. Older children generally been read (if read) only electronic versions of books, and they do not understand how cool to turn the pages. It's hard to believe, but future students did not find any books about Prime "Harry Potter." The last one came out in 2007. Today's children have never tasted the contents of bags Invite, Yupi and Zuko, and only on machines with the Soviet soda may not even have heard of. Many of the house still littered with "Kinder Surprise" and the toys of them. We collected Hippo, penguins, sharks and other valuable collections. And you are no puzzles!

Of course, once these children grow up and be with the same nostalgia remembering the days of her childhood. However, in our youth we were something special that only we can understand. And it's a wonderful feeling will stay with us for a lifetime.

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