What happens to the soul after death? Scientists have an answer to this question.

Professor of Medical School of the University of North Carolina, Robert Lanza, who is a supporter of biocentric theory for a long time studying the question of life and death of a person, allowing him to come to some conclusions. First of all, it is worth mentioning that biocentrists not believe that life is a result of the existence of the universe, they believe that, on the contrary, that life creates the universe and that the ultimate reality determines consciousness of each of us.

Being a supporter of this world, the scientist went further and concluded that reality around us, we create ourselves, and that there are an infinite number of universes and worlds, so death is an illusion rather than something real. In his opinion, it is not necessary to associate with the duration of working life in our bodies. After all, what's going on we perceive with the help of consciousness, so it is a major issue in life. The scientist believes that a person after death just begins to live in a new world, which in our universe infinite. The theory of the infinite number of worlds exist in physics.


known that the human body will sooner or later die, but in his mind for some time stored electrical impulses 20 W, which, according to the scientist, go into another universe . According to the laws of physics, energy can not just pick up and disappear. Therefore, from this point of view, such an assumption is quite logical.

Also in his work Lanza refers to a phenomenon in physics like quantum superposition. It has been proven that the system in one and the same time can be in a mutually exclusive states. This is contrary to logic and common sense, because we are used to that status change alternately and not exist simultaneously.

The theory, which unveiled Lanza, focuses on the fact that space and time are illusory and exist only in our minds. After the death of a person and there, and there at the same time - it is out of time. The concept of death, which is followed by the majority, is based on the false premise of the existence of the world independently of us. And the world around us - this imagination, driven by reason.

This theory finds more and more supporters among scientists and ordinary people who believe in its truthfulness. One thing is for sure - it makes for a fresh look at the structure of the world and man's role in it. Your friends will also be interested to know about it, share with them the article!


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