11 inspiring portraits of young mothers on the first day after birth. Very soft!

After Jenny Lewis became a mother, something trembled in her heart ... She wanted to capture the perfect moment in memory. For the whole 5 years makes it incredibly talented photographer and soulful portraits of newly serdtseschipatelnye young mothers with their newborn babies in the first day after birth.

The collection of 40 portraits of Lewis gathered, from which it has created a book called "A Day of youth". The whole book is imbued with an incredible intimacy, sincerity and warmth between mother and child. See for yourself, what came of it. See only melts with emotion!

Xanthi and Louis

Jenny hopes her pictures will help young and expectant mothers cope with their fears about pregnancy and childbirth, and a deep emotional bond between mother and child, represented in portraits, inspire them to This female feat.

Teresa and Thomas

«When I became a mother, I immediately wanted to go to the first counter to a pregnant woman and say," Do not worry, everything will be fine! »». i>

Kim and Perseus

«I have lived through two great pregnancy and was full of strength and energy ... I knew that I was not the only one ... I would like to support other women». i>

Clementine and Imogen

«I felt that it was my destiny. All I could do - is to send a message to all women with the help of pictures ». I>

Rebecca and Osiris

«I wanted to capture the exact moment when a woman becomes a mother, and to show that even after the baby is born, it does not lose itself and remains the most». i>

Mayrid and Fia

«We all tend to believe what we see. It seemed to me that the picture can convey my idea more eloquently than any words ». I>

Shenell and Orissa

«Each picture - a very personal story of a woman. But I noticed all these ladies something in common: they all - women warriors, ready to defend her child to the end ... This is very clearly seen in the photographs ». I>

Kyle and Winona

«Mommy to some extent even look like a fragile soldier on the battlefield or in the player immediately after the match, which is not yet weathered adrenaline». i>

Lohr and Tairiku

«Sometimes it seems that to have a baby - no mean feat, but I believe that the moment after birth deserves no less attention than, for example, the triumphant football game or a grand battle». i>

Jyoti Kiran and

«This incredibly beautiful series of images shows the first 24 hours of celebrating motherhood». i>

Charles River and

Perhaps after watching these sensitive images, many young girls have taken a final decision in the future to become a mother. Naturally, motherhood - a conscious and responsible step, but a child - it's not a burden ... this is happiness! You can be loving and caring mother, but at the same time preserve their identity and stay are. Show these gentle and motherly warm pictures to your friends.



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