So said St. Seraphim of Sarov ... Wise advice for all occasions.

How often we neglect the opinion of the elderly. We sometimes think that they do not understand the current generation, their thoughts are too outdated. But these people have lived for decades, we had to observe the life, make for themselves any conclusions, and now want to share their wisdom with others.

Today the team of the online magazine has prepared for you a treasury of wise sayings of one of the most revered Orthodox saints, the elder Seraphim of Sarov. The man died more than 150 years ago, but he looked into the water - it intelligible utterances are relevant today. Perhaps you are not a religious person, but, believe me, these tips even deeper oh how useful to you in life!

1. Save yourself myself around you thousands will be saved.
2. Drink where the horse drink. Horse bad water will not drink ever.
3. To make the bed where the cat is placed.
4. Eat fruit that touched the worm.
5. Feel free to take the mushrooms, which sits midges.
6. Sadi tree where the mole digs.
7. The house is built on the spot where the snake basking.
8. Well dig where the birds nest in the heat.
9. Go to bed and get up with the chickens - you will have a golden grain of the day.
10. Eat more green and you will have strong legs and endurance of the heart, like a beast.
11. Swim more and you will feel on the ground like a fish in water.
12. More often look at the sky, not under your feet - and your mind will be clear and easy.
13. More silent than to speak - and in your soul settle silence, but the spirit is peaceful and calm.
14. Who carries the disease with patience and thanksgiving, that charged it instead feat even more.
15. There is no worse sin, and there is nothing more terrible and pernicious spirit of despondency.
16. True faith can not be without works: who truly believes, he certainly has the case.
17. Humility can conquer the whole world.
18. It is necessary to remove from themselves disheartened and try to have a joyful spirit, not sad.
19. From the joy a man can make anything from internal strain - nothing.
20. The world lies in wickedness, we need to know about it, remember it, to overcome as far as possible.
21. Living with you in the world will let a thousand, but their secret is opened from one thousand.
22. If the family is destroyed, the overthrow of the state and perverted nations.

Simply and wisely. The main thing - be a man. This old man taught to take care of their body and soul, and to collect the imperishable treasures in heaven than one generation, but today instructed St. Seraphim of Sarov place. This priceless sacred covenants that are required to keep in the heart of every person who wants to live their lives with dignity. Share these wise sayings with your friends.

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