25 scandalous pictures the most famous show business stars without makeup. Britney, are you ?!

Like it or not, and all of us - the people ... I do not believe it, but the stars of show business are no different from us. Sometimes brilliant Hollywood beauties may look dull and inconspicuous, though he had just got out of bed and even stood not stand feet ... Frankly, not a pleasant sight! But to be always on top, as you know yourself - it damn exhausting. Sometimes the most beautiful and famous want to give yourself a weakness and go out without make-up tones. It is the most famous images of 25 celebrities without makeup. Britney is all you ?!

Angelina Jolie

Kylie Minogue

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Goldie Hawn

Anne Hathaway

Anna Kournikova

Kelly Clarkson

Kirsten Dunst

Alyssa Milano

Renee Zellweger


Jessica Biel

Kate Hudson

Britney Spears

Katherine Heigl

Sharon Stone

Milla Jovovich

Natalia Vodianova

Anna Semenovich

Vera Brezhnev

Anna Sedokova


Eva Longoria

Alla Pugacheva

Christina Aguilera

Well, the pictures I have, of course, shocked. Plaster works wonders! Plus, because the rich and famous have the courage to go to the people so. While many stellar beauty without makeup looks very cute, do not you think? Show these stars in a very unexpected form your friends.

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