Golden Rule 3 things! Wise words that make you think about the main ...

Mankind at all stages of its development, tried to learn what life is and what are its main components. "What name are the three pillars on which is built the world?" - Asked themselves the great sages. About dispensation written many philosophical and religious tracts, but not a single person and can not say with certainty that he knows this marvelous secret. Perhaps, life is much easier than we think, and we are in his thoughts only complicate things? Maybe you should not be sprayed on everything that ultimately did not understand anything?

One day, a wise man once said that there are only three things on which, in fact, our whole life is built. It's no secret that the number 3 has magical properties and is the key in many of the world's religions. This is the golden rule of three things will help you to focus on what is truly important, and direct your mind in the right direction. These are the three things that hides the secret of the universe ...

Three things never return back: the time, the word opportunity.

Three things should not be lost: peace of mind, hope, honor.

Three things in life are most valuable: love, belief, trust.

Three things in life are not reliable: power, luck, condition.

Three things determine the person: work, honesty, achievement.

Three things destroy a person: wine, pride, anger.

Three things are most difficult to say: "I love you", "sorry", "help meĀ».

Live, and does not reflect on your life! Do not complicate what you need to enjoy you in the allotted time! Guide rule of three things - and see life will become easier! Share this invaluable wisdom with family and friends you people.

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