Legendary speech of the great Charlie Chaplin about the terrible danger hanging over all mankind ... Cry from the heart!

In today's world progress is growing rapidly - it can not be stopped, but the morality and ethics, unfortunately, fall, building a path to inevitable catastrophe of all mankind. Piercing the final speech of the legendary actor and comedian Charlie Chaplin from the film "The Great Dictator" in 1940 puts all the points over the "i", causing us to wake up from a deep sleep and take a sober look at the world. These words are interpreted by critics as an expression of their views Chaplin. And, indeed, a feeling that the inimitable Charlie Chaplin does not play, but says it all from the heart, and on his own behalf. Played a role, it now refers directly to humanity, over which hangs a terrible danger ... And let those days are long gone, these words are still alive.

RECOGNITION, invented by the great Chaplin shows how anyone, even with good intentions, the taste of power, becomes the dictator of their ideas and goals. This question is relevant as never before! What expression! Chill and tears in their eyes ... Listen to all!

After listening to these profound words I want to again remind you that we are all humans. God is not regarded with any color, with any nationality or religion. Land for all one. So let's do everything we can to all of us to live well on it. Chaplin on this occasion expressed especially precisely. It seems to be a comedian, but says things are much more serious than some politicians. Your friends are bound to hear this - to share with them this video.



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