Biography Charlie Chaplin

1. Charlie Chaplin - a truly legendary figure. Silent film long gone, but the image of Rolling Stone, played by Charlie Chaplin, even a child knows. World fame did not protect this great actor and director from the persecution of the authorities. And even two Oscars - prestigious awards US - did not protect him from opaly.

2. Few people know that Chaplin began his career in hopeless poverty. His father left the family when Charlie was very young (almost immediately after birth). Chaplin's mother was a singer variety show, and when at the peak of her career, lost his voice, a woman and two small children (Charles and his brother Sid) were in the workhouse. Kids had to go to the so-called "orphan's school." It is noteworthy that Charlie Chaplin learned to read much later than got his first role. He was afraid that someone would catch him at the theater in ignorance, so try to avoid things that could make it read aloud excerpts from the role. He taught at home, and assisted him in this brat.

3. Work as a gofer in the printing, selling newspapers and even the physician's assistant was necessary Charlie because he needed money. However, he never lost hope that one day be able to make his favorite thing - namely akterstvom.

4. And it happened. Charlie Chaplin has been recognized as an actor, and he began to go off-scale fees for a million dollars. And it's entirely his merit. Firstly, he was a very creative person, and has participated in making the film from beginning to end. Chaplin's creative freedom can not be limited. Eventually, he began directing his films, stepping down from his adopted at first director. And secondly, Charlie Chaplin made a sort of a pioneer when he decided to move away from the "comedy slaps" and bring the image of the comic hero is something lyrical. This idea prompted his audience. In the movie "loan funds" hero Chaplin tries to soften the clerical worker, gesturing that he had a couple of small children, who have nothing to eat, if the father is not the money will produce. Initially, this point was not conceived lyrical, but the audience in the theater thought otherwise - many of them are clearly worried sympathizing with the hero, and some even looked like slezy.

5. In the life of Charlie Chaplin had a lot of women. Chaplin's father eleven children. He even tried to court to force the twelfth - the truth, the examination proved that it was not his child. The authorities did not like Chaplin for his commitment to communist ideas (now known, that the love of Chaplin to communism, most likely was just a rumor). US accused him of anti-American activity and always come up with excuses, which could create problems actor. Starting with the fact that his income tax obkladyvali (although Chaplin was not a US citizen), and ending with a court decision to force Chaplin to pay alimony to a child who, according to the analysis of the blood was not his synom.

6.Charli Chaplin is known to this day. Most interesting is that some of the actors follow the tradition of Charlie Chaplin and now. For example, among his followers called the Jackie Chan, who during his staged fights using gestures, dispensing with words, and makes it so funny that brings to mind a silent movie.



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