The kid hazardous Friend

That boy's name is Charlie, his father, Greg Parker, owns a small zoo Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria, Australia.
He was not surprised that his son loves animals and all sorts of reptiles.
Surprisingly, only one point of the diversity of wild critters, Charlie chose his favorites rather large boa constrictor named Pablo.

Baby Charlie Parker in his native Australia quickly became famous, it is called the youngest Ranger, and soon he will certainly be able to safely compete in popularity with the Bindi Irwin, daughter of "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin.

My favorite animal Charlie, 2, 5-meter boa Pablo is so heavy, that Charlie is still barely can wear it for yourself. But he still carries it on their shoulders, hitting all these witnesses and zoo visitors. Sometimes, when Charlie gets tired tinkering with Pablo, he's going to stroke the small crocodiles. They like it, too.

Greg Parker is proud of its offspring, and tells the press that his first snake Charlie played in the 12 months. Father Greg was also associated with a zoo and the animals, so that the family has grown for three generations the Rangers.

-Is We are still in shock from his abilities and drawn to reptiles, says Greg - And we never intentionally forced him to do so. This apparently has been in its genes. And he did not just run around with the snake and crocodile, he knows how to handle them correctly and not a bit not afraid of them.


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