If the Earth Stood Still


What would happen if the Earth Stood Still? It's not such a simple matter as it seems. The answer depends on the relative and then it stops. Options may be several - sudden stop of rotation around the axis, the same, but gradually, and finally - a stop in the space, ie the cessation of motion around the sun. Because the issue is not specific enough, consider all three options. Quick stops the rotation axis is almost impossible - except in the case of a very powerful impact of a large asteroid in the opposite direction, and that the Earth does not stop at all, and not so fast. But ... let's say, the Earth abruptly stopped his vraschenie.Chto waiting for us in this case. 8e4e00427c.jpg

To begin with let us recall that the Earth is not solid - the crust - all - is like the peel of an apple. Under this crust is liquid magma and the core, which also rotate. When a sudden stop of the Earth all this liquid substance all - still provernetsya several times, crushing and breaking the "apple peel". As a result, there will instantly so powerful earthquake with many kilometers of faults and volcanoes where their offspring were not, it is unlikely that - that will live on this planet. In addition, the atmosphere also "provernetsya" around the Earth. Besides its speed will be the same as the speed of rotation of the Earth, which is about 500 m / s, so the wind will carry all of that is possible. Maybe even the atmosphere will be lost, total or partial, of the - of the forces of inertia. All this is possible, but is likely to happen only every banality - a huge kinetic energy of the Earth and the forces of inertia will tear it happen conventional Ba - bang. And fly pieces zakoulochkam solar system. In the case of soft stop rotation happens all not so scary. Scientists have simulated a situation. There will be a redistribution of land and ocean. Due to the disappearance of centrifugal force, the water will no longer aspire to the equator. There likely will move continents. It will be flooded as the northern region and the south. Formed two separate Ocean - North and Yuzhnyy.c91c2b6f8d.jpg

And around the equator, taking into account the inclination of the Earth's axis, formed one big continent, encircling the Earth. In this day the world will last one year - until the Earth will not make a complete revolution around the sun. Instead, the seasons are times of the day - night, morning, afternoon and evening. Accordingly, the climate will be different - tropical day, and at night - the Arctic. The movement of air to soften it, but not much. For almost the polar oceans are not too warm and your cold will have an impact. There is another option stop the earth - if it will stop the movement in its orbit around the sun. This, of course, impossible, but nobody forbids to imagine ... if the Earth stopped and left to itself, the following will occur - the planet will descend from orbit and headed toward the sun. But it reaches it because the sun has its movement in space. 58ea89bfe8.jpg

Earth will pass quite close to him in the orbit of the comet. The solar wind will blow away the whole atmosphere, all the water will evaporate. Which flew past the Sun charred ball, when the former - the "blue planet", and ran further into space. Earth reaches the orbits of the planets - giants, maybe even the orbit of Neptune or Pluto until you turn back toward the sun. But this is the best. We must not forget that the Earth - not an ordinary asteroid, and very massive body. His motion would make it confusion in the movement of other planets and their satellites, were not very far away. All of them will go out of their orbits and their movement is unpredictable. Caught between or near planets - giants such as Jupiter and Saturn, it may be torn to pieces by them. In this case, there will be another asteroid belt. In addition, on its way meets Earth asteroids of different sizes, which can - yet also participate in the "finishing" the corpse of the Earth. Such are the scenarios of events are possible only because of the termination of rotation of the Earth ... In any case, the Earth then we will see if, you know.

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