25 hilarious Fuzzies, which are not allowed to go home. And for only the hosts wrong with them?

Did you ever four-legged furry tomboy, who was not allowed home? Believe me, in such moments on his muzzle you can contemplate the whole palette of emotions, from compassionate little eyes, comparable only with the eyes of Puss in Boots in the animated film "Shrek" to an angry snort and owner incineration hellish eyes. Today we publish for you hilarious collection of seals, whose owners clearly forgotten about their pets. Just look how they ask for inside! And who is only a shameless closed the doors and windows, not letting these pussies back home? Wait a little, as soon as they set foot usatiki paw on the threshold of their oppressors is not exactly big trouble. Catch the next dose of positive cat from the entertainment portal . B>

What for jokes, you tired of living?

Why, for God's sake, will you wash dishes, wash the dirty things, cook dinner ...

Dude, let me, I'm not a bird!

Tuk-tuk, it's me, the postman Cat ...

Now you slowly lower the spoon and opens the door for me ...

So far, I ask in an amicable way, let me in!

Bro, open the door, the street is not the summer ...

The owner, see how much I love you enough to joke!


Open the door, I ask my mother.

I'll sit here forever ...

This door is too small for my highness!

I do not butterfly, opening the window a little bit more!

You let the little brat for me?

Hello, brother! Where disappeared all day? B>

One for all and all for one!

Oh, me and a nice place, do without any favors! I made a joke, let, I beg you. B>

Okay, okay, everything, I give up ...

Now I'll show you what's what, let the doors open.

Open, creature, in an amicable way, you also will be worse!

This bird is very suspicious, I want to you!

Look, I've brought Barsika, he will live with us!

Joke counted, and now open the door, comedian level 80.

Only after that I get caught in the eye, my terrible revenge!

I will curse you in the ninth generation, if you're a flash I do not open the door.

Well done to the owners of these cats, who managed to take at the right time and the camera to capture genuine emotion of their favorites. Diva dayus which mines can pose as representatives of the cat family: it seems popular burlesque shows rest compared to this spectacle! Frankly, I do not know people who do not like seals. This means that the selection of amuse anyone.

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